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12 week scan .. need a rescan at 16 weeks

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Givy Fri 23-Aug-19 21:37:38


I recently had my 12 week scan from dates of an earlier scan I should have been 11+1 but at beginning of scan measured 11+2 then half way through baby moved changing my date to 11+4

Nt was 1.1 but they said they was unable to see brain and skull properly to confirm all was okay, ( could see echo of brain)

I was not referred to the screening team and was not noted down of any abnormalities (yet) just that it may be to early as baby measuring borderline for nt, after worrying and Google ( worse thing to do) I have stressed myself out even more! Midwife contacted me today and told me she is not concerned either are screening team as she contacted them and they all read my scan report together and reassured me if they believed there to be anything abnormal at this stage I would not have been allowed to leave and sent to screening for further tests! And can be common at this stage and now have to wait another month for a follow up scan to check everything has developed as it should!

Any one have any experience with any thing similar I know the worst case scenario ( spina bifida etc) just looking for positive outcome scenarios

Me and my husband have been trying for over 3 years with fertility issues on both sides and was about to have IVF when little miracle baby was concieved so stressed don't think IL relax untill the 16 weeks scan sad!

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strawberrypenguin Fri 23-Aug-19 21:44:55

No idea about most of it but it is common for dates to move by a few days during 12 wk scan.
I've been in your position of needing a re scan and it's a horrible wait. Hope everything is ok.

Givy Fri 23-Aug-19 22:39:24

Thankyou, going to be such a long month !

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