Anyone been sent for TORCH SCREENING? borderline fluid around the heart

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Bellasblankexpression Fri 26-Jul-19 21:01:36

Hello. Wonder if anyone can help me get my head around this.
Had a scan today at 16 weeks - a heart scan due to a previous loss - and was told everything looks fine and normal. However one minor thing was that there is a little more fluid than is normal around the heart - she described it as a difference of mms and very borderline - and although a little fluid is normal she wants to get it checked as it can indicate infection sometimes.
No other markers - down’s etc screening came back low risk

I have to have blood tests to find out about infection but having googled (I know I know!) I’ve panicked myself thinking I’m going to have another experience with serious defects or abnormalities (had to have a tmfr previously).

I guess I’m looking for anyone who has been in the same boat and for a bit of a handhold really.
Does anyone know what happens if you do have an infection?

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Bellasblankexpression Fri 26-Jul-19 23:04:01


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