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SylvanianFrenemies Fri 26-Jul-19 00:31:11

I'm really sorry you are going through this.

I've not heard of a hysterotomy but looked it up. Is there a reason it is done? I had a medical tfmr at 18 weeks and physically it wasn't too hard. Emotionally - there are many lows, but you can and will survive them.

We found seeing and holding our baby comforting, but it is not for everyone.

The ARC-UK helpline is a great source of support and information.

GiveMeHope103 Thu 25-Jul-19 14:34:03

Hi mn, I'm 20wks pregnant and this has been the most devastating week for us. I had my anomaly scan with the fetal specialist and she discovered a possible achondroplasia. The femurs were considerably less than the normal range as well as the Bowing of the legs was very prominent. I then saw my gynaecologist who specializes in high risk and complicated pregnancies and he also said that it's most likely the case. The procedure is to rescan, which is next week to confirm a diagnosis. He has already sent us to a counseling session to discuss the options. He then met with us again this morning to discuss. In the mean time DH and I have been discussing this and have come to the heartbreaking decision of not continuing the pregnancy. I will be doing the rescan next Wednesday and he will probably schedule the hysterotomy for Thursday. Has anyone had one and what is the recovery like. I am broken.

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