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Single Umbilical Artery

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NorthLondonmum83 Thu 20-Jun-19 16:00:56

Just had detailed scan at 22 weeks revealed single umbilical artery. My doctor is unconcerned as I have had extensive NIPT (voluntarily due to age and in private system rather than for any particular reason if that makes sense) and no other markers of an issue.
Left clinic happy.
Then was let loose on google and had no idea it can often relate to other problem. Does anyone have experience of this?
He did mention possibly growth issues in third trimester and early delivery which wasn't so concerning, I'll have weekly check ups and scans. It's more the risk of other abnormalities terrifying me at the moment..

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Lolipoplady Tue 03-Sep-19 21:07:51

Hi @Northlondonmum83, how are things going? I have just had results of NIPT (all fine, and done privately for reassurance) and had a 12 week scan done at the same time which showed SAU too. Everything else looks fine as far as can be discerned at this stage.

Anyway, the doctor told me specifically not to Google it, which of course I did anyway, and it has scared me! Seems like SAU can be associated with congenital defects but most of the time isn't actually a sign of any problem.

How has your pregnancy progressed?

NorthLondonmum83 Wed 04-Sep-19 11:43:28

Hello! Yes step away from Google I think on this one...
I'm now at 33 weeks and have growth scans every week or two (not due to this really, private system as live overseas) and baby still way above 50th percentile.
My doctor's view is that if the NIPTs come back ok, and mine did too, then you should view this as a standalone condition and simply not worry! He says he's seen it loads of times.
It can be associated with other things but no need to worry I think if you have had other tests.
My doctor's plan is for me to continue to have these regular scans then if growth is slowing I'll go in for steroids to help the lungs, then I guess an intervention a bit early (like 37 weeks so not crazily early) - induction or c-section. But likely none of that will be necessary.
Good luck with everything - I can't stress enough how often my doctor had seen it as a standalone thing and how little he is worried about it, I raise it every week and he just chuckles.

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sweetheartyparty Sun 08-Sep-19 20:15:01

I had this with my very healthy DD and I was worried sick when I first learned about it. Eventually I calmed down once the growth scans showed she was always on the 50 percentile. Born 40+4 at 6lbs 13 so it can really fine especially as a standalone market
Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy

Lolipoplady Mon 09-Sep-19 21:00:04

It's so good to hear a positive outcome @sweetheartyparty, thanks for sharing smile

And best of luck @northlondonmum, not long to go now! Sounds like your consultant has a good handle on things.

Momofgirls15 Tue 24-Sep-19 19:04:18

I had a high risk pregnancy to begin with due to platelet issues. They discovered a SUA and also at around 32 weeks a umbilical vein varix. Google was terrifying, but my MFM was unconcerned. I delivered a perfectly healthy baby girl!

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