Confused about how to calculate ivf due date

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Jollymollyx Tue 14-May-19 16:57:24

For my previous natural births I ovulated on day 14 and I have a normal 28 day cycle which can easily give me a due date - calculators normally ask for the first day of your period and your usual cycle length eg 28 days.

For IVF this time I had my period on 25th March, egg collection on 6th April (this is 12 days later not 14) and egg transfer (5day transfer) on the 11th. What is my due date? confused The clinic keeps saying the day of your last period, but what cycle do I give for the calculator? Every midwife says oh it’s tricky with IVF and never know.

The baby is measuring smaller right now so it’s difficult because I can’t tell how small it really is without a accurate way of knowing how to calculate my date

Can anyone help me here?

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Ceara Tue 14-May-19 17:08:52

Not the date of your last period. You take the date of EC, count back 14 days, and calculate your EDD as though "EC minus 14" was the first day of your last period. My clinic also said that the pregnancy shouldn't be redated at pregnancy scans, and mine wasn't, as IVF dates are known quantities. Congratulations, and fingers crossed.

Jollymollyx Tue 14-May-19 20:24:41

Thanks for your reply. This is what I thought. The woman at the ivf clinic doesn’t understand this. I’ve been measuring a week behind from the start. Hope it catches up

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NapsAndTea Sun 26-May-19 14:38:36

@Jollymollyx I had egg collection on the 5th April & am due on 27th December x

Jollymollyx Sun 26-May-19 15:53:47

@NapsAndTea thanks I’ve put it as 28th.

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