28 Week blood test result waiting time

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Sarahlou19 Tue 07-May-19 10:01:53

I've been feeling constantly tired and physically exhausted whether I'm active or not so I was quite worried about the results of my 28 week blood tests. I felt this way a lot when I had eczema, no matter how often I went to the doctors even when I had no skin left they didn't seem to care and it was left untreated for a long time until I went for private care. As my pregnancy has progressed I've started feeling like this again but my midwife said it's probably just the normal effects of pregnancy. As I heard nothing about my 28 week blood tests I put it down to general pregnancy symptoms like the midwife said rather than something being wrong but when I got to my 31 week appointment it turns out I've not had results because the hospital never tested my bloods!

My midwife has been ill and no one at my GP has chased these results! Because of this, the midwife filling in re-took my bloods and sent them off and a few days later I got a call from my GP saying I needed to come in to discuss the results with a doctor but wouldn't tell me the results over the phone... and I can't actually have the doctors appointment for another 2 weeks so i won't be getting the results until 34 weeks!
Is it normal to be waiting this long to discuss the results if something is wrong?

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valentinoandme Tue 07-May-19 20:41:01

I would give your local antenatal assessment centre a ring and explain. More likely than not they'll be able to look up your results and advise what you need to do. It might just be that you need some iron. Very common for it to drop on pregnancy. If it is this, the sooner you start taking it the better in terms of having good iron levels for when you give birth. If it's not this, they'll be able to advise if you need to be seen in antenatal clinic or not as well x

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