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Help please 20 week scan

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Helz1984 Tue 05-Feb-19 15:20:12

Help our scan found a slightly enlarged aorta! We were referred to a cardio specialist who said the heart was working fine but this could be an indicator of something. They won’t really say what it could indicate but I am really worried and dreading an animo. Does any one have any experience of this? What happened in their cases. Please help going out of mind with worry x

SylvanianFrenemies Thu 14-Feb-19 21:59:08

Sorry you are having a worrying time. Hopefully there will be good news soon.
I don't know about this specific potential issue, but can recommend ARC-U K (helpline and website) for practical info and emotional support.

Littlebelina Fri 15-Feb-19 10:04:03

Babycentre has a dedicated heart babies and children board so maybe try posting there as well as there are lots of knowledgeable posters. Have you been referred to a fetal cardiology centre?

I had an amnio for a different heart defect. It wasn't pleasant but in the end the build up was worse than the actual. They do a very detailed scan and then insert the needle constantly watching on the ultrasound as they do it. You'll be advised to rest for a couple of days afterwards. The miscarriage risk is often a lot lower than 1% if you have an experienced doc doing it.

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