Cyst on baby's abdomen. Very scared

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Mrsdivall Sun 03-Feb-19 16:29:03

Hi all. At a u/s at 11 weeks my baby was diagnosed with a cyst in its abdomen, it’s kind of midline and to the left behind the stomach. They initially told me it was the bladder and was diagnosed with megacystis.

I’ve been referred to the Fetal medical unit and they have been doing regular scans. I’m now 17 weeks and although the cyst is still there (and relatively large at 16mm) it hasn’t grown and hopefully won’t. They are unsure of where it is growing from but say that it is not attached to the kidneys or bladder and that these organs look normal and is not megacystis. They think it could be a duplication or Mesenteric cyst but can’t be sure and that they must consider other possibilities. My next u/s is booked for February 11th and the wait is horrific.

Has anybody been through this before and their baby is doing ok? I am scared but trying to keep a level head and not worry so much. We don’t know the sex yet but I’m told it looks too high to be an ovarian cyst. Anyone have any advice or info?

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inneedofreassurance Mon 30-Dec-19 13:34:08

I know this is an old thread but wondered if you would be kind enough to update?

This is a very similar story to mine and we are currently waiting for another scan and the waiting is awful

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