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Elevated MCV & Signs of water infection??

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amyem Fri 25-Jan-19 03:46:13


I'm 32 weeks pregnant and had a letter today following my blood tests saying that I have elevated MCV.

The letter doesn't explain what this means or tell me that I need to take anything so naturally now I'm worried as I have no idea about any of it. It just says that I'll need to have another blood test 6 weeks after the birth.

Does anyone have experience of this or any midwives around who know what this actually means? I just wish they would explain things in the letter so you actually know what they're talking about!!

They also sent a separate letter at the same time saying that my bloods showed signs of a water infection so I need to take in another sample so that they can rule this out. I keep thinking surely if I had a water infection it would've been picked up by the midwife on the same day when she did the usual urine checks? And what if it's not a water infection, what do they think it can be then or do they just leave it at that??

Sorry I'm a natural worrier and hate not having things explained to me properly!

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