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Diaphragmatic hernia 😢

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tel31790 Wed 09-Jan-19 13:06:04

Hi, im 20 weeks pregnant and just recently had my scan, I was told that they could not find my babies stomach and their heart is pushed over to the right, and this could be due to a diaphragmatic hernia, they haven't give much info just mainly worst case scenario's. I've got an appointment with the specialist tomorrow but im terrified after reading so much on the internet it's daunting and feels like theres no hope. Has anyone else been through this. Please tell me there is light ❤️

Cariadxx Thu 10-Jan-19 13:06:11

Sorry to hear that. From my job I have met several babies with this, I have to tell you that the outcome is very variable. Some do very well, others do not. You would need to give birth in a hospital which has a paediatric surgical team and level 3 neonatal unit.
The main issue is that with the abdominal contents being pushed up, the lungs don't have space to develop. For this reason, the later it is diagnosed the better. This is also the reason that some babies don't survive. Every baby is different so Google won't be helpful ready in terms of prognosis and outcome. Fingers crossed for you.

marajade12 Wed 23-Jan-19 17:19:53

Hi @tel31790. My story is not good but is slightly different to yours. I had this diagnosed at 17 weeks along with hypoplastic left heart syndrome ( basically one of the ventricles failed to develop properly). Because baby had two very serious conditions the prognosis was not good so I decided to tfmr.
I remember at the time though the consultant said that if it had just been the hernia on its own it would have been more treatable with an operation soon after birth.
So there is still hope for you, fingers crossed you get some answers soon 💐

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