First Scan?

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LaurenEliza Fri 21-Dec-18 18:02:07

Thank you, Stephisaur! I phoned the hospital and they informed me my letter has been sent, my appointment is New Years Eve 😬

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Stephisaur Fri 21-Dec-18 13:31:45

We received our scan date in the post.

However, with it being Christmas I would call up the hospital and double check that they’ve had the request. It can’t hurt.

LaurenEliza Thu 20-Dec-18 18:06:14

So my midwife told me last week that the hospital would be in touch with me to arrange a scan as we're not 100% sure of how many weeks pregnant I am.
The hospital hasn't yet phoned me, I was just wondering whether I should chase it or am I over thinking it?
I just want a bit more information as I'm still in the dark about everything!

Thanks in advance for your replies : )

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