septated cystic hygroma and generalised oedema plus raised nuchal

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Fatas Thu 27-Sep-18 22:52:18


I don't really know what I want from this message. Just experiences I guess.

So 13 week scan- that is what they found. I've read several studies that 1. cystic hygromas in general result in around 85% fetal death and septated cystic hygromas 98%.

Consultant today said regardless of CVS prognosis is extremely poor and so I have opted for termination. Hopefully will have results tomorrow and abortion starts Saturday.

Any experiences of medical abortions? Anyone had a successful pregnancy after this? I'm 40, so i am guessing its the age of my eggs.

I am also worried CVS will come back clear and if it does I will doubt myself, I want a termination as quickly as possible as I know it will be psychologically damaging and just want it over with ASAP.

Any experiences?


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Otto8 Fri 28-Sep-18 05:19:22

I’m so sorry you’re going through this.
Our 12 week scan showed similar with 6mm NT and hydrops and as I was sure I wanted a surgical termination rather than medical we started to organise this before the CVS results came back as I just could not stand all the waiting. I’m glad we did as it can take a while to get an appointment at a clinic but in the end we got our CVS result, confirming Edwards, on the Friday and terminated the following Wednesday.
The procedure was under general anaesthetic and was fine; by that point I was relieved to be starting the healing process. It’s 2 months on now and we have a debrief and counselling coming up. Xx

Fatas Fri 28-Sep-18 09:14:42

Thanks @Otto8

I have been told it has to be medical at this stage 13 1/2 weeks- as they won't risk surgical on the NHS.

Did you go private? I don't know if I will have my CVS result by the time I terminate, I am getting very jittery about it, the consultant seemed very very sure it was a poor prognosis, but I feel a bit uneasy.

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Otto8 Fri 28-Sep-18 09:21:34

I was offered medical on NHS as well but we called BPAS as I knew I wanted surgical and it was funded by NHS. So you do have that option as well if you want it. Give Marie Stopes or BPAS a call - I was fast tracked as it was foetal abnormality. Hugs xx

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