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angel0071987 Sat 08-Sep-18 18:48:40

Hi all
This is my 4th pregnacy (I have a 17month old and have had two m/c at 8 and 6weeks). We went for our 12 week scan where we were put back a week but as I was unsure of dates this itself is not an issue. She found a very high NT value 5.2. I had the standard bloods done for the combined test that day. Everyone we spoke to after swore blind and even said they'd put money on us having a high risk value come back. They all said this was indicative of downs, Edward or pateu but could also be a heart condition but more than likely be downs and the results would "defiantly" be high risk. Fast forward to Friday where we saw the consultant and my bloods were all normal. This came back for combined test as low risk. She said this confused everyone! We were supposed to have he CVS test but my placenta was in wrong position (I have a retroverted uterus that hasn't moved up high enough yet) so they couldn't do it. We got another scan (11+6) and baby was wriggling away as normal and waving at us. Fluid was still visible at same levels behind neck.
Another appointment has been made for us next week to see if we can repeat test next week.
She explained that it's a high risk pregnacy and there's a high have it could m/c or die before then anyway. She also said that as bloods were normal she has probably ruled out downs Edwards or pateus so likely another genetic abnormality such as turners. But obviously without the cvs to get proper diagnosis we can't tell for sure.
Just wondering if anyone had had similar and had a positive outcome and actually there was no chromosomal problem. Or any similar situations what did you do?

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Treaclepie19 Wed 10-Oct-18 16:50:43

How did you get on?
I'm currently awaiting our bloods after a 5.1 NT.

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