Worried after combined results

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MrsTiffin Sun 26-Aug-18 16:35:56

First time post, I'm a long-time lurker!

I'm currently 17 weeks pregnant with my first baby. At the 12 week scan they weren't able to take the nuchal measurement as the baby was in the wrong position.

I've since had the results from the combined blood test which has put me as low risk for Edwards and Patau (1:50,000) but downs has come back as 1:19. I'll be 33 on the due date so was expecting to be near to high risk, but not this near! The midwife told me it's only my HCG which was raised at 6.71 - I really don't know what to think. All other levels are normal.

I've booked in for the NIPT at my local women's hospital on Tuesday - has anyone had any experience of similar numbers/levels??

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SpottingTheZebras Sun 26-Aug-18 16:41:04

The combined blood test includes the measurement they weren’t able to take at your dating scan, so it won’t be as accurate as it should/could be. What about other soft signs? Was the nasal bone seen?

Hopefully you will get more reassurance after your test on Tuesday. 1:19 is still low odds, even if the combined test had had all the information.

Have you decided about whether you want to continue the pregnancy if you think the baby has Down’s? It might be worth chatting about being booked in for a CVS.

MrsTiffin Sun 26-Aug-18 16:49:26

The scan report just says the cranium was visible but doesn't mention the nasal bone- the baby was in such an awkward position they couldn't see much!

We're trying to stay positive about everything so haven't really discussed what we'd do if downs is confirmed. I had a miscarriage earlier in the year at 12 weeks so was hoping everything would run smoothly this time...

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SpottingTheZebras Sun 26-Aug-18 17:10:20

It’s a shame they didn’t rescan you when the baby might have been more cooperative.

MrsTiffin Sun 26-Aug-18 17:46:27

@SpottingTheZebras I wish I'd asked them too, I'd know next time though!

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Hopehope20 Mon 27-Aug-18 07:31:57

Most hospitals in the UK don't check for nasal bone anymore. They havnt at any of my scans and won't even look for it when I have specifically asked. I am suprised they didn't rescan. I had to go back for mine because they couldn't do the measurment the first time because of baby position. I agree though if the measurment was all fine then combined with your bloods your risk would be lower. Good luck tomorrow and keeo positive. I know not everyone gets good news...but there are so many posts on this forum where woman have odds worse than yours, get the harmony or NIPT tests and it all comes back clear x

SpottingTheZebras Mon 27-Aug-18 09:12:13

@Hopehope20 I’ve had scans at different hospitals for three different children in the last three years and all have checked for the nasal bone and commented on it.


Hopehope20 Mon 27-Aug-18 09:22:56

Yeah I have friends who have had the same too. It's weird how it varies so much. They used to check but don't anymore (I am in the southwest) but aware other regions still do. I don't feel like it should be different depending on where you go. I called a private place down here and they wouldn't even check it either. Frustrating!

MrsTiffin Tue 04-Sep-18 18:48:20

Just to update I've had the results back today and they're negative for all 3! Agonising wait but glad I went for the test!

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cactusplant Tue 04-Sep-18 19:15:04

@MrsTiffin so glad that your results came back clear. Do you mind me asking which hospital you got the nipt test and if you had to pay, and how long you had to wait to have the test done? I'm currently in the same position

MrsTiffin Tue 04-Sep-18 19:33:16

It was at the Liverpool women's hospital, I paid and booked the appointment on the Friday before, had the test last Tuesday morning and got the results this afternoon.

It's such a stressful time but all the staff were great and really supportive

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cactusplant Tue 04-Sep-18 19:43:02

Thanks @MrsTiffin I thought it might be the women's reading your post. That's my local hospital too. Do they not offer it on the nhs there? Would you mind me asking how much you paid? I'm an emotional wreck

MrsTiffin Tue 04-Sep-18 22:18:02

@cactusplant I think they may offer it on the NHS there but I'm actually over the water so not registered at the women's so that might be why I've had to go private! It was £450

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LittleDoveLove Sun 23-Sep-18 08:12:49

@cactusplant I'm not sure if you have had yours yet but Ormskirk Hospital do it for £350, there is also a private scan place in Burscough that do it for under £400 if you are in North West

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