HG and screening tests

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kmreeve Thu 23-Aug-18 19:30:41

Just thought I'd update.. harmony test came back 1:10000... grin

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Cariadxx Wed 15-Aug-18 18:29:43

ASAIK HG isn't linked to downs but interesting seems to be linked to having a baby girl. Hence I'm convinced it's a boy!

kmreeve Mon 13-Aug-18 05:57:12

Hi ladies... hoping one or some might be able to talk me down from my panicked state.

I'm 3+4.. iv been hospitalised twice for dehydration so far. I'm on metoclopramide, ordansatron & cyclazine for my sickness.

This is my third pregnancy and first time suffering with HG. ( even carried twins first time round)

I had my 12 week scan and everything looked great and normal for that stage. Nuchal measurement was 1.2, so also really good. Went off to do my bloods and await results.

Results came back as low risk for downs at 1:165... despite the low risk notice I knew I was close to the cut off of 1:150 and I recal being 1:6500 with my son 6 years ago ( I'm 36 now)

I called the dr on my letter who advised that my Hcg levels were high, twice the level they would normally see at this stage ( hello.. vomit fest here) and my PAPPa was a little low which is why my risk number was at that level.

My question is.. do hg sufferers have this issue? Is hg linked to downs? Have any of you been through this?

I'm booked for the harmony test now privately on Thursday for more reassurance

Thanks in advance for reading and replying xx

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