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Lego5678 Thu 19-Jul-18 16:54:43

Hi all, I had back today my downs screening results, all it said was scored in the low category. (Kind of feel that tells me not very much I could be really low or 'just' on the low catagory) I have 2 other children and I'm 40 now. I can't get it out of my head that I might have a child with down syndrome. To be truthful my anxiety is through the roof about it. I really want the amniocentesis test because I feel I must know one way or the other, for my self and husbsnd but also I need to consider my other 2 and the effects on thrm. I have an appointment with the midwife anyway next week so I will ask her. But I guess what I wanted to know has anyone else been in my situation, did you feel like you had to know? Even if you are in the low category can you request to have the amniocentesis test? Would you get it on the NHS? Has anyone has it privately done? If so what was the cost? Many thanks for any advise you can give.

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Littlebelina Thu 19-Jul-18 20:21:56

I think you would find it hard to get an amnio on the NHS with a low risk result (the procedure has associated risks) but I am not 100% sure. Have you looked into NIPT? It is still screening only but is thought to be over 99% accurate for t21. It is available privately but not cheap (about £400).

Remember your 20 weeks anomaly scan will also look for likely markers for chromosome issues. A low risk at 12 weeks does mean exactly that, the chances of down syndrome are low. I would speak to your midwife next week about your worries.

Rachie1986 Thu 19-Jul-18 20:33:12

If you are low risk you will not be able to have. Any further tests on the NHS.

You can pay for the harmony test, but it is not cheap (£400, some NHS trusts offer it for £300).

polkadotpixie Fri 20-Jul-18 21:47:51

I got a low risk result (1:2375) but was still anxious so had NIPT, the Harmony test. It was £400 but gave me peace of mind so worth every penny for that reason alone

I doubt you'll find somewhere that does elective aminios due to the miscarriage risk (but I could be wrong)

Have you had your actual risk score through or just 'Low Risk'? Maybe you could get the actual number from your midwife?

Itonlytakesone Tue 24-Jul-18 15:39:13

I'm only 6 weeks I'm looking at doing this NIPT test at 10 weeks. Do you need to book it early and where in the country offers it? I was hoping to go to Manchester end of August, like you say for peace of mind smile

ijustwannadance Tue 24-Jul-18 15:48:42

Itonly there are clinics all over the country. Just google. Book now as only a few weeks away.
It's just a scan then bloods taken.

butlerswharf Tue 24-Jul-18 15:53:30

Low risk means the NHS doesn't have to pay to do further screenings but if you're really worrying then I'd say go private.


Itonlytakesone Tue 24-Jul-18 16:08:37

Thank you 😊 I've sent an enquiry form out to a clinic in Manchester, was wondering if it's the same test wherever you go? I'll book it tomorrow then when I've looked into it more. You're right it's not long away. Feel I'm jumping the gun though as Iv not even had my scan yet.

Iv had ivf as low reserve and it worked first time but I'm obviously worried as i had lower quality eggs (x2 transferred, won't know until I'm 8 weeks how many took ) @butlerswharf @ijustwannadance

sirmione16 Tue 24-Jul-18 17:24:57

I understand you must be worried, I advised my friend to not only look into further tests but also to look into real life accounts of having children with Down's syndrome. Be fully informed, she looked into it and decided actually it wouldn't matter and she would adapt if the baby did or didn't. Best wishes to you and your family

Itonlytakesone Tue 24-Jul-18 22:25:28

Absolutely yes thank you 😊 being fully informed and having a plan and organised is a good thing 👍🏻

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