PAPP-A and BHGC confusion?

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lennyisnuts Thu 12-Jul-18 14:40:05

Hi all,

Just looking for some reassurance really!

My serum screening has come back as:
PAPP- A 0.8 MoM
bhgc 1.22 MoM

My NT was 2.2 at 12 W 4 Days
My overall risk is 1 in 2781- low risk.

My midwife isn't concerned but being a first time mum to be I worry and over analyse everything. I'm trying to stop.

Is that MoM for PAPP- A too low? I've seen elsewhere it should be closer to 1?
I already take aspirin daily for pre eclampsia risk due to health issues.
Also the bhgc is also meant to be close to 1?

I spoke to my midwife yesterday about my NT because 2.2 seems high compared to others and then she gave me these other results and I'm now even more anxious!!

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lennyisnuts Thu 12-Jul-18 14:59:54

Sorry that's meant to read Bhcg!

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Hopehope20 Fri 13-Jul-18 20:20:46

Looks ok to me. Anything below 0.41 papp a is the cut off for risk on my area. Mine is 0.4 (low risk for downs) it just means I have extra growth scans as this low reading could signal a small baby but also might mean nothing.

lennyisnuts Fri 13-Jul-18 22:30:57


Thanks so much for your reply! It's good to see other numbers in context. I hope your all of your scans go OK xx

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