Abnormal umbilical artery doppler

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Elektringa Tue 29-May-18 14:58:04


Does anyone understand what abnormal umbilical artery doppler means?

Just came back from scan and been told to come in next week. And checked my notes found this! I also have low paap-a and I am 33+1 weeks and measured below 10th centile... a little bit worried, will call midwife as well.

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StressedToTheMaxx Tue 29-May-18 15:05:34

Hi I had something in my first pregnancy called single umbilical artery.
It reduces the transfer of nutrients to the baby and leads the to be on the smaller side.
My dc was born a little sleepy but fighting fit. And she was very small.

It could be something similar to this maybe but try not to worry. And I think it would be a great idea to phone your midwife and ask her about all your note.

Elektringa Tue 29-May-18 16:42:50

Yeah mine is meassuring small so I am having growth scans and now they noted this in, but did not explain anything at all so I am a little bit annoyed and of course stressed out a bit, as already went through so much during this pregnancy.
Will call midwife tomorrow.
Also they gave me a sealed letter to give to gp, I wish they would say what is written inside as now I am soooo tempted to open before giving to gp confused

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StressedToTheMaxx Tue 29-May-18 17:06:06

I was told nothing until my second pregnancy and half way through it I was informed and furious.
They may possible send your placenta away for tests. They did with my first and refused with my second as everything "seemed normal-ish" hmm
They are very vigilant at the growth scans so try not to worry too much.
Maybe steam the letter open. It is about you after all.
The letter I was to give to my gp I read before I have him it.

Elektringa Tue 29-May-18 17:55:37

How its possible they did not say anything?? It makes me angry really.
Just been in GP surgery and they showed me the letter, it was just scan details. And my midwife is not available untill thursday, I may just call community midwife tomorrow.

With first one did you carry full term? I had my first one at 38+2 days and she was small, but at that time they were not checking for paap-a hormone and now they are. I already had Amnio and heart scans, this is just getting too much. Have two more weeks to work and just can't concentrate at all.

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