12 week scan possible brain abnormality

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BelliniButterfly Wed 23-May-18 18:42:46

So we had our 12 week scan yesterday at (12+6). The baby wasn't in the best position and the Sonographer was finding it difficult to get the NT measurement as baby's arm was up at it's face and casting a shadow. Sent for a walk for 10 minutes but when we came back baby was in the same position. I noticed she was looking at the head alot but as she hadn't mentioned anything I wasn't too concerned. She moved us to a different room with a newer scanning machine and her colleague tried to scan me. She managed to get the NT measurement which was 1.2mm. However, she said that the image of the head showed that the brain wasn't symmetrical. So I've been referred to fetal medicine and will have a Dr scan me on Friday morning once they have the blood screening results back. I'm absolutely terrified. I had a private early reassurance scan at 8 weeks and everything was fine (I don't know if they are able to pick up on any abnormalities that early). The midwife said that it could just be the position that the baby was in and that they were unable to get a clear view of the entire head or equally it could be a sign of an abnormality. She said that baby looked lovely on the screen otherwise and the fact that I am not a smoker, do not have diabetes etc are good markers. Has anyone ever been in this position before?

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NoCatsHere Fri 25-May-18 13:51:59

hello i haven't been in that position before but i just wanted to offer support and say hope your scan goes ok today. All best wishes for a good result.

Pizdets Fri 25-May-18 13:58:19

Hi, out first baby had a large NT and poor growth rather than any visible issues with the brain. I'm so sorry this is happening to you - it's horrendous to be stuck in limbo waiting for more information and such a shock. I hope the scan today went ok, if not I would recommend a charity called ARC (antenatal results and choices) who will be able to talk to you in more detail and have online forums for women in similar positions. Fingers crossed for you xxx

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