Bladder exstrophy

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Nichola2310 Fri 11-May-18 18:50:08

Had my 20 week scan a couple of weeks ago and everything was normal but they couldn’t see the bladder. The radiographer was very nice and said the baby probably had a wee and booked me in for a repeat scan. This led to going to fetal medicine today and being told the baby has bladder exstrophy, which means the baby’s bladder is on the outside of its body. We are completely devastated. Has anyone any experience of this? If occurs in 1 in 40,000 babies so I’m not hopeful!

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HawkeyeInConfusion Fri 11-May-18 22:29:08

I didn't want to read and run. I have no experience, but many posters suggest ARC as a good source of information and support.

And flowers for you.

Hopingnwishing Mon 14-May-18 01:42:20

I know of a baby who had this. Her bladder uterus and ovaries were outside. She went to Great Ormond street and had it fixed.

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