FTM small baby anxiety

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Katyx3 Thu 19-Apr-18 19:22:22

Sorry to ask but can anyone please advise
Bit of background, I'm 28 + 4, I have a personality disorder, before pregnancy I didn't eat much at all but I am trying my best, since I found out I was pregnant all I do all day is read about baby things I can't shut off and I'm not sleeping.
Went for my 28 week midwife app (had a 4d scan a week earlier where measurements weren't accurate but estimated weight of 2lbs) but when measured by midwife I was on 10th centille estimated 2lb2 sad
How accurate is this? Has any one had the tape measure measurements be wrong before? Girls in work say I have gotten big now and will probably be huge by full term, I thought that was a good sign now I'm so worried he will be tiny sad xxx

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Hopingnwishing Fri 20-Apr-18 13:15:25

I'm not really sure what the concern is about the baby it's clearly growing. ....i think the bigger issue is your mental health tbh and I think you need to seek help. your baby is smaller than average, but if you lined up 100 children there would still be 9 smaller so not that small. Bump measurements are not that accurate but good for monitoring providing the same person measures each time.

moita Fri 20-Apr-18 21:15:25

On the 10th is fine. My DS was born on the 2nd percentile! I'm small myself so wasn't a big shock. He's a healthy, happy 15 month old and is on the 25th percentile now.

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