DCDA Twins - discordant growth at 21 weeks

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birdy1978 Fri 23-Mar-18 17:14:23

I had my anomaly scan yesterday and twin 2 was measuring 4 weeks behind twin 1 (160g compared to 300g). All anatomy measurements were in proportion, just smaller than expected. The smaller twin also has a suspected horseshoe kidney. The consultant explained that the outcome looks poor for twin 2 and explained that there are some risks to twin 1. Does anyone have any experience of such marked discordant growth at this stage? I’m booked to see the fetal medicine specialist on Tuesday and I’m expecting to have repeat scans and be referred for an amnio - I guess I’d just like some idea of just how bad the news is likely to be and if there are any sensible questions I should be asking at this stage.

Thank you.

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Hopingnwishing Fri 23-Mar-18 19:40:10

I would be suspicious of a genetic abnormality with the smaller twin. If mc twins you can have twin to twin transfusion syndrome but if 1 is normal then the second may have an issue

birdy1978 Tue 24-Apr-18 18:53:01

Five weeks later and it’s looking much worse. The smaller twin’s growth has dropped off and he’s now got reverse flow. The consultant has prepared us for the likely outcome being his demise before the next scan. I’m so sad as there’s absolutely nothing I can do, my body seems to be failing him.

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Rachie1986 Tue 24-Apr-18 18:59:06

So sorry to hear this. I've not got any experience but sending flowers and hugs for you x

xxreeldancerxx Tue 24-Apr-18 19:06:10

So sorry to hear that, didn't want to read and run. Must be a mixture of emotions for you thanksx

Hopingnwishing Thu 17-May-18 09:17:38

Sorry to hear that. Please don't think of it as your body failing him. He clearly has an underlying problem and his body has decided to go to rest. please concentrate on your surviving twin. He might be born early but once you get past 29 weeks they're generally fine

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