Waiting for results of amnio after Serenity test found T21

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Notquitefeelingit Wed 09-Aug-17 11:55:12

I meant the private test people are not always great to talk to!!

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Notquitefeelingit Wed 09-Aug-17 11:54:09

It's incredibly stressful, isn't it? Amazingly, the results of the amniocentesis were good. So I'm going to have a cardiac ultrasound this week to check the baby's heart is ok. The thing is, even though I've now been told things are good I can't relax and enjoy being pregnant.

I really really hope you get some good results back from Harmony. Those NHS odds are good, they really are given how ancient we both are. I will be crossing my fingers and toes for you. If you want to talk more please DM me. Also, if things don't go well I recommend you hang up the phone to Harmony and get straight on to your midwife and talk about an amniocentesis. The NHS has been brilliant throughout but the private testing people are always great to talk to.

My amniocentesis was scary but it will also give you an accurate result because you're effectively getting your baby's dna sequenced.


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Catra Wed 09-Aug-17 10:46:37

I can fully sympathise with how nerve-wracking this must be for you, OP. I'm 14 + 4 and currently waiting for my Harmony tests results which should be coming back any day now after being told when the NHS measured the nuchal translucency and took my bloods a fortnight ago that I have a 1 in 5 chance of T21 abnormalities. I'm 38, this is my first pregnancy which was very much planned and longed for but after much agonising, DH and I have made the decision that if it does come back positive there's no way we can continue with the pregnancy. I'm a complete wreck waiting to hear the outcome and terrified about what lies ahead if it's bad news. I just wanted you to know that you have a hand to hold whatever you decide to do x

UnderTheF1oorboards Thu 03-Aug-17 21:44:35

No worries smile. It's a huge decision whichever way you jump. Hope you're ok x

Notquitefeelingit Thu 03-Aug-17 08:26:49

That's really kind, thanks. I might do that later on today. Got work to get through first!

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UnderTheF1oorboards Wed 02-Aug-17 21:16:58

Sorry to hear you're in a stressful situation. I'm pro-choice and also have a DS with T21. Feel free to pm me if it would help you to get a perspective on what life with T21 is like (very different to how I thought it would be).

Notquitefeelingit Wed 02-Aug-17 10:10:22

feeling a bit stupid as I've just noticed a thread about precisely this from June. Oh well, guess this is not going to be one of the best days.

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Notquitefeelingit Wed 02-Aug-17 10:06:50

Just what the thread says, basically. I'm 17+1 and it wasn't a planned pregnancy but we were happy about it until yesterday when we got the test results back. Hopefully we should hear the amnio results on Friday. I think I'm doing okay, I have a very supportive partner and one very active 19 month toddler already. I think we're pretty clear on what we'd do if the results came back positive for T21 but I'm very up and down about it right now, largely because I don't know how optimistic to feel. Obviously, we had the Serenity test because they're so accurate and 0.2% chance of a false positive seems very low. Anyone have any advice or been in a similar situation?

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