Time off work after diagnosis

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Lilliputian Sun 02-Jul-17 22:09:53

Has anyone taken time off work 'just' to come to terms with their diagnosis? I'm 13+6 and found out last week that our little girl has Edwards syndrome. Work have been really supportive with time off for scans, tests and appointments but I don't know how to to explain that I need time to try and work out what on earth to do now...

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leighdinglady Sun 02-Jul-17 22:21:13

Yes! You have to. It's a massive thing. Our diagnosis of Edwards was in January and my head was a mess. I didn't go in. We decided on a termination, which couldn't happen until a week later. There's no way I could have functioned that week. I couldn't stop flitting deference hours of denial and crying.

I'm so so sorry you're going through this. It's a nightmare

Lilliputian Sun 02-Jul-17 23:09:14

Thanks leighdinglady - it's a relief to know it's normal to feel this broken. So sorry to hear about your loss flowers

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leighdinglady Mon 03-Jul-17 08:47:29

Thank you. I thankfully got pregnant again the month after and am now 4 months gone. It's still sad though, we would have been due later this month.

If you want to talk or ask anything, I'm here x

Jessybear90 Mon 03-Jul-17 15:49:01

So sorry OP but I'm sure if you explain I work exactly what Edwards is they will see just how serious your situation is and they should be able to see that you won't be in the mindset for work anyway so it wouldn't be in their best interests to have you there anyway. Deffo take some time off work I would say. I'm so sorry you are going through this but as Leigh has just said, I've heard tonnes of positive stories where people have gone on to have a healthy pregnancy. Thoughts are with you flowers

AncientOva Mon 03-Jul-17 16:32:51

So sorry to hear that you're going through this. I had a similar experience in April following my dating scan, although our son had Patau Syndrome.

I went to my GP and she signed me off for a few weeks. I actually ended up having eight weeks off work in total, which I needed. I am back now, and have some counselling lined up which starts this week as I am still struggling a bit emotionally.

It's a very difficult situation to find yourself in and, if you haven't already, I would very much recommend giving ARC a call, they were very kind and supportive. Best wishes to you. flowers

AncientOva Mon 03-Jul-17 16:36:47

Oh, and it might be worth seeing if your manager would consider treating any time off as compassionate leave at this point.


FilledSoda Mon 03-Jul-17 17:06:42

Your doctor will sign you off , you don't need HR to make an offer of compassionate leave, it isn't up to them

Jessybear90 Mon 03-Jul-17 17:31:11

I agree with the Doctor signing you off sick, it will allow you the time you need to recover from whatever happens nextflowers

Devonishome1 Wed 05-Jul-17 00:43:45

Yes I had 5 weeks off after having a termination. I worked with babies and young children. I just couldn't face going in.

KittyandTeal Sat 08-Jul-17 20:49:01

Our dd2 was diagnosed with Edwards at 22 weeks. We decided on a termination.

In the end I had 6 full weeks off and another 6-8 weeks as a phased return.

I'm so sorry for the diagnosis. Have you been in contact with ARC? They are non directive and can give you advice or just listen to you talk.

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