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Staph and skin flora in blood sample?

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glitterglitters Thu 01-Jun-17 10:38:44

Hi. I've just had a call from my local midwife unit about a blood sample I had taken at 28
Weeks (35 weeks now).

Is been feeling ill at the time and I also had +2 glucose in my urine sample.

Was sent for glucose test and other normal bloods. Had the results back from these and they were all fine. No more glucose in blood etc either.

Just had this call totally out of the blue saying that my sample had come up "odd" and presented with staph and skin flora and asked when my next midwife appointment is. She then said they'll take another sample and asked how I was feeling. Tbh I've felt tired and rough but mainly put this down to pregnancy.

I'm not really sure what she was suggesting or telling me. She gave me the impression I wasn't to be worried etc but I've never heard of this before. Can anybody help?

glitterglitters Thu 01-Jun-17 10:54:35

Actually now thinking back to the conversation it might have been a urine sample. I'm so confused.

Rockspin Thu 01-Jun-17 11:07:51

During pregnancy I had quite a few contaminated samples, it's quite common in pregnancy, my midwives were never worried they'd just call and I'd drop in another sample, so I imagine your midwife would do the same?

glitterglitters Thu 01-Jun-17 11:12:52

She didn't really explain this very well.

Tbh my usual midwife is off with an injury and this is her cover and, as lovely as she is, she has scared the crap out of me several times.

When the glucose came up in my sample, my other midwife would ask what I've eaten and then base it over the samples. This one said I needed to go "immediately" to hospital for blood tests sending me and dh into a flap.

She also keeps testing my CO2 to make sure I'm "not smoking" I'm a non smoker. Then checks my pulse immediately which is racing and usually ends each appointment with "I'm sure it's nothing".

Germgirl Thu 01-Jun-17 11:16:15

Unless you had blood cultures taken ( very unusual in an outpatient situation) it was probably your urine sample that's showing Staph / skin flora. Staph is skin flora although Staph aureus is also a pathogen.
You need to do another sample really, theskin flora is very very common in pregnant women, nothing to worry about.
If you do another sample make sure it's a true 'mid stream' to try to minimise skin contamination.
Please try not to worry. It all sounds quite normal.

glitterglitters Thu 01-Jun-17 11:19:45

Thank you so much for that explanation! That makes a lot more sense to me. I think where she kept asking me how I was feeling and was confused my GP hadn't called etc it sort of threw me a bit.

Thanks again guys xxx

Germgirl Thu 01-Jun-17 11:48:03

Might be worth calling your gp to see if it was just skin flora or Staph aureus which might need treating. Staph saprophyticus can also cause uti's. The midwife sounds a bit clueless tbh. Have a word with your gp if you can, make a telephone appointment if possible?
I'm a microbiologist, we'd usually report skin flora as just that, or some places may call it 'no significant growth'. If our consultant microbiologists thought you need treatment, the report would also include a set of antibiotics which the organism is sensitive to. If no antibiotics were mentioned, it would mean that the lab don't consider that the germ(s) which grew are causing a problem.
If you can speak to your gp then do but I think the fact that your gp hasn't called and recommended that you have some treatment would mean to me that your sample just grew normal skin flora.

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