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Chances of a problem again?

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NikkiNoodle91 Fri 19-May-17 15:25:48

I recently gave birth to a little girl at 21 weeks pregnant. We found out at the 20 week scan that she had the lethal form of dwarfism, where her chest wouldn't grow and she wouldn't survive after birth. So we decided to end the pregnancy. We were told that it was just one of those things that could have happened to anyone.
When she was born she had cleft lip, club foot and extra fingers and toes, I am now scared (after googling) that it may be some kind of genetic condition and am scared any future babies might have it too.
We have had the cord tested and are waiting to speak with a consultant to see if we need any genetic testing. (this was first baby for my partner, I have a daughter from previous relationship. )
Has anyone else's baby had this? And have you had any more since? Thanks xx

KingIrving Fri 19-May-17 22:04:16

I lost two babies during pregnancy, one at 22 weeks and the other at 16. Like you I looked for answers, went through the genetic testing and chromosome studies but it remained a mystery.

After each loss, I had a healthy baby, so I have now two sons. Years later I 've found out I have a genetic syndrome. Could it be linked? Who knows.

I am very very sorry for your loss.

NikkiNoodle91 Fri 19-May-17 22:35:46

Thank you, I'm sorry for your loss too, it's so horrible. I have read that there might be a 25% chance with each pregnancy I have that it will happen again. But I might be reading about something she didn't even have if you know what I mean. I am worried they won't be able to tell me what caused it and I will have to decide wether to risk having another or not xx

KingIrving Sat 20-May-17 04:16:42

Try to thinking in taking the chance , more than taking the risk. As nobody knows the answer, it means there is the chance of an healthy baby.

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