On verge of panic attack... Iona test results delayed

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Sim186 Thu 18-May-17 15:07:50

I just need to rant as I found out that I am high risk T21 last Thursday, did an Iona blood (NIPT) test Friday morning with the hope that the results would be back at the latest Friday 19th which is a whole seven days (they say 3 - 5 working days). I phoned today to ask for an update on the results as it has been done via the NHS hospital so communication is via them, they were not very empathetic and have told me that the estimated result is now Saturday the 20th, which means I will not know until Monday now.
Has anyone else been in the same situation recently? I am worrying and the wait is making me ill! Does it mean that the longer the wait the worse the news?
I am just miffed when some people have appeared to have received their results within 3 days of giving blood and for me it has been five working days now since I gave blood.
Sorry if I sound awful, but I am just very upset and worried about what is to come. xx

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Whymeagain1 Thu 18-May-17 21:19:46

Hi, I've had NIPT twice, one last year then again this year. Both took a celandar week to get back me, despite the first lot having to go to the US, and the second only up to London. I noticed with the second one I had done that although the bloods were taken on Thursday, they weren't received by the lab til Monday, and the estimate for the turnaround was from date of receipt at the lab. I don't think the time for them to turnaround is an indicator of good/bad news, the first I had bad news, the second good.

You don't sound awful, just frustrated, which is understandable. I found the waiting for results just horrible, you can't think or focus on anything else, and your mind inevitably goes to the worst case scenario. I really hope you get the news you want flowers

UnderTheF1oorboards Thu 18-May-17 22:34:03

Hi OP, sorry to hear you're so distressed. I wish you a healthy baby and I hope you get the result you want. My own experience is that T21 is nothing to be scared of. I understand that right now you might not be ready, but you might at some point find it helpful to have a look at www.dontbesorry.net/wp/. It's a warts-and-all blog by a mum of 3, the eldest of whom has T21. Happy to answer any questions if that would help you.

GirlcalledJames Fri 19-May-17 06:14:43

I wouldn't worry that th extra wait has a meaning, annoying though it is. It could be that the volume of tests has suddenly increased or that a machine was off-line in the lab.

Jessybear90 Fri 30-Jun-17 13:57:13

Hi Sim have you had your results back yet?

I too am awaiting for Iona (on day five) which is of course very hard when they tell you it's "3-5 days" it does frustrate me because I work in logistics (food industry) which is of course no where near as important as medical testing and I know if I want I can get anything delivered anywhere in the UK within 3 days, within even 1 day of customer is willing to pay. And they can't even blame it on the time it takes to "test" because it's all done via work flow manager (automatied lab system) it's not like people are actually analysing the data by hand and eye.

The wait is cruel and painful and I have to liaise with hospital too who like you say, are never very sympathetic.

Fingers crossed for you xx

Sim186 Fri 30-Jun-17 14:28:16

Hi Jessybear90, sorry to hear you are going through this. My Iona test was done through the NHS but I had to pay for it, I got the impression that if I had of gone through private (even paying the same) they may have been a bit more on top of it and sympathetic.
I found out I was high risk on Thursday, had the Iona test Friday then got my results the following Friday afternoon.
I was a mess waiting for the result as and on the Wednesday had a bit of breakdown as I phoned the hospital and they said that the results were going to come back on Saturday which would mean I wouldn't hear till the Monday. That would have been ten days since finding out. I phoned the hospital Friday afternoon, and my results had come back but the hospital had failed to check so if I hadn't have phoned I probably wouldn't of known until the Monday.
Stay on top of them and keep phoning the hospital is my recommendation to you.
I was all clear and came back one in a million chance for all three. The best news of my life so far was to hear that.
What has been your high risk ratio?
Sending hugs and positive vibes to you xx

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Jessybear90 Fri 30-Jun-17 18:31:27

Thanks Sim, what a relief that you had the all clear, that's amazing so happy for you.

Our risk is 1:85. I'm terrified. I just called today and they said that the estimated date for the results is now Tuesday so they have taken the full five days. Can't believe it. It means I have to wait the whole weekend plus Monday. It really is destroying me.

I know that these things take time but the hostia failed to reiterate to us that it would be "3-5 days from receipt of lab" which means although I did the test on Monday they didn't actually receive it until Wednesday this week.

Yes we have to go through the NHS even though it's private. I foolishly thought that with it being expensive and private, the results would be a faster turnaround but no.

This is honestly the worst thing I've been through so far in life. I wouldn't wish this feeling on my worst enemy x

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