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NT scan results high

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user1494978869 Wed 17-May-17 01:30:47

Hi all my daughter is 36 and this is her second baby. The 12 week scan showed that she has an nt of 5.6. today she had another scan at 12.6 weeks and the nt has gone up to 7.4. Her bloods show a 1 in 5 risk of downs and a 1 in 167 for Edwards and Patou. The consultant told us that she has a 10% chance of a normal outcome, a 20% chance of losing baby, a 50% chance of physical abnormality i.e. Heart problems etc and finally 65% chance of a chromosome abnormality. It's devasting news. My daughter and her partner already had decided that they would not have any tests in case of miscarriage and we can't afford the private tests. What will be will be. Now it's a waiting game. My poor girls pregnancy is destroyed and we are all absolutely shocked. Next scan at 16 weeks to have a leak at the heart but now my daughter has said her first question will be is baby still alive !Has anyone had a prognosis like this and had a happy ending? Xxx

SeahorseBlue Sun 21-May-17 07:09:32

Hi user, I'm in a similar position. At my 12 week scan the NT measurement was over 6.5mm and I was given a risk of greater than 1 in 5 for all 3 of the chromosome abnormalities and we were given the same information as your daughter in relation to the possible outcomes. We went on to have the NIPT test, we did not have to pay for this as our risk was so high, maybe this is something your daughter could check with the hospital.

Our results came back negative for the 3 chromosome abnormalities tested for. In our case we were still worried the baby had another chromosome abnormality not tested for by NIPT, so we had an amnio last week.

Your daughter's circumstances may be different and if she would continue with the pregnancy regardless of the result then may not want to risk the amnio. We decided to take the risk as we already have 2 very small DC and we were worried about the impact it would have on them if we had a baby who was very ill and would need a lot of medical treatment. Also from my point of view I would not want to risk getting to full term and delivering a baby who may die shortly after birth, but obviously everyone's views and circumstances are different.

I wish your daughter a good outcome. I know what a worrying time it is and whilst this isn't providing the positive outcome you were looking for, it at least demonstrates that there are other people in the same position and you are not alone.

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