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High risk downs Iona test

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Sim186 Sat 13-May-17 18:07:33

Hi, I have had my twelve week scan and bloods have come back positive for high risk downs.
It is the hardest thing I have come against so far! I am 31 and had a result of 1:32.
After listening to the choices myself and partner decided to go for the Iona blood test. I am going out of my mind with worry and am struggling to get on with day to day life. We will not find out results until Friday and would really like to hear from anyone who has gone through a similar experience, and also if anyone has experience of the iona test as it doesn't seem that common yet? Harmony is mentioned a lot more.
Any advice, experience would be greatly appreciated!

elio Tue 16-May-17 19:14:16

I didn't have a nipt test but I am 31 and have come back high risk 1:18 and 1:79 respectively for downs. I opted for CVS both times and came back all clear. Have one healthy 20 month old and currently pregnant. The odds are still very much in your favour. X

KTD27 Tue 16-May-17 20:00:46

I had the SAFE test which is run by Iona. The results came quickly but in the end left me more confused. I was very low risk for T21/T13 1:1000,000 but with T18 they classed be as high risk with 1:15. I'm very confused still as to what they found - the way I thought it worked was that if they found abnormal cells you'd get a risk which was more like 90-95% instead of my high risk 7%.
In the end I've had to have a CVS and will possibly need an amnio too. I would still recommend them as frankly my NHS dual screening test wasn't high enough to warrant invasive testing so could have missed something completely.
It's not the way it usually goes - you have a high risk NHS test and the IONA/ Harmony / SAFE will reduce it to a low risk. But I guess it has to happen the other way for some of us. I sincerely hope it isn't you and that your results come back fine.

Sim186 Tue 16-May-17 20:01:19

Thank you Elio, I really do hope so. The waiting is driving me mad I have never been so worried before. It's our first and already have had a few scares such as eptopic and have strep b so would be so thankful if this could come back low risk and all clear! Everyone says enjoy pregnancy, I would love to meet these people!

MintyVixxxx Wed 17-May-17 10:57:12

Hi op. Please see attached, a high NT story with positive ending, I had the Iona NIPT. I wouldn't usually screenshot but jus feeding so please excuse my quick post. Will be back later x x

Sim186 Wed 17-May-17 17:50:39

Thank you minty, I like the positive posts! Gives me hope! I was kind of hoping I would get the call today, Friday is so long away. Will have been 7 days since I was told I am high risk tomorrow and the wait is awful! X

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