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Low Papp-a

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PrincipalCelestia Fri 12-May-17 12:06:47

Hi, I thought I would start my own thread about this issue as I have lots of questions about it!

My levels are;
Papp-a : 0.27
Hcg : 0.64
NT was 2.2 (at 13w5d so very late)
T21,18,13 all about 1:2000

I have been reading that taking aspirin in pregnancy is supposed to help?
Is it just like a regular aspirin?!
It seems the earlier it's taken the better. I'm 15 weeks now.
I will give my midwife a call to check but would appreciate other people's experiences with low Papp-a too.

I'm feeling very very anxious about the whole pregnancy now. I feel like I can't get excited about the baby as it might not get here safely.
This is my 3rd and the other 2 were such normal pregnancies. I feel so foolish to have thought I'd breeze through having another babysad

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