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Nuchal fold measuring 7mm at 20 weeks

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emily127 Wed 12-Apr-17 08:39:58

Anyone ever had any experience of this?? Every thing else was fine but this was measuring 1mm more than the ideal range.
Blood tests at week 12 showed chance of Down's syndrome being 1 in 78500 so this has really hit me hard as everything up until now has been perfect.
We've opted to have the amniocentesis test but just worrying sick in the mean time! Appreciate any advice x

Whymeagain1 Thu 13-Apr-17 09:37:58

Hi, I don't have any experience of a higher fold measurement at 20 weeks, but have recently had a high measurement at 12 weeks and didn't want to leave you without a reply. Your DS screening result was very low so hopefully you can take reassurance from that. I had an amnio in a previous pregnancy and it was no where near as bad as I had feared, just rested afterwards, felt a little bruised but nothing more. Hopefully it is just one of those things for you.

emily127 Thu 13-Apr-17 10:32:15

@Whymeagain1 thanks for your post, glad to hear the amino was OK for you - my mothers wasn't so she'd ideally like me not to have it. Hope everything goes okay for you, what's the next steps for you after your result if you don't mind me asking?x

Whymeagain1 Thu 13-Apr-17 15:03:15

@emily127 My situation is a bit unusual due to previous issues etc (my own post is in this topic, I had some helpful replies) but I had the Harmony test privately which came back as low risk for the main trisomies and the sex chromosome abnormalities. My consultant recommended just getting the NT as a belt and braces approach ( as I am sure you've been told, an increased NT can indicate chromosome issues, heart defects, infection or simply be one of those things)and typically it came back at 3.5mm. I'm booked in for a fetal heart scan with a specialist consultant at 20 weeks and have the anomaly scan at 20 weeks with my consultant. I has a blood test for parvovirus and am awaiting results. This is on my consultant's advice, if no markers are flagged at the scans he said he'd be happy the prognosis would be good. I, on the other hand, am debating if to have the amnio any way, just to be certain. The amnio risk factor for the consultant I see is in the hundreds to one, far, far lower than the 1:100 miscarriage risk quoted generally, and I have confidence in him after last time. I hope it all goes well for you, the worry and the uncertainty is awful.

emily127 Thu 13-Apr-17 16:04:33

@Whymeagain1 Hope all your tests and results are ok! That's good about your consultant, my hospital risk is 0.3% so I'm not too concerned in regards to that just wondering how long I need to book off work in relation to the recovery afterwards. I know, I think the waiting around for the tests/results is almost as bad as the actual test!

emily127 Fri 14-Apr-17 20:33:57


Whymeagain1 Fri 14-Apr-17 21:15:15

Hi, me again! I would go for bed rest the day of the amnio and definitely take the following day off as well, you might feel a bit wobbly (it's emotionally a lot to go through) and maybe a bit sore. Im sure with a day or two I felt physically fine (even though I was an emotional wreck). You may want to take another day, as that is likely to be the day you get the call with the fast results, I had my amnio on a Friday and results came in on the Tuesday. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for you that all is fine and just a higher reading with no reason behind it.

emily127 Sat 15-Apr-17 17:50:20

@Whymeagain1 thanks for your post, I have the test on a Thursday so going to take that day and then Friday off - I'm already off on the Saturday but supposed to be in on the Sunday so will see how I feel by then. Just want to get it over with now!

emily127 Fri 21-Apr-17 19:53:31

Just posting incase anyone finds themselves in this situation (as I couldn't find much advice when I was searching!), at my appointment with my consultant (who was MUCH better than the midwife who dealt with me last week) said that my chances due to this measurement had increased 10 times so was now 1/7850 - much better than the miscarriage risk of 1/300 so I decided against the test. I can have it done at 32 weeks, the only risk being early labour, I opted for this but may change my mind. He said that they are looking at possibly removing this kind of measuring at 20 weeks as it causes stress that doesn't need to happen it seems!

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