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Low PAPP-A?? Bloody confusing !!!

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gemgems2214 Mon 27-Mar-17 13:43:54

Hey all ill be 21 weeks this week and this is my first baby. At 12 week nt test it came back 1/82 of downs, paid for nipt test which came back low risk.. Everything fine..
Then i have my 20 week scan... Baby is perfect.. Quite happy in there, measurements fine etc. Get a letter saying i have low pappa and need growth scans at 30 weeks and 36 weeks.. Rang them explained its probably nothing and this is routine..

What the hell is this?? What i wrong in there??

Seahawk80 Fri 21-Apr-17 18:55:26

Hi OP, I have low Papp a - it seems that it's something that occasionally causes problems but rarely does and no one knows much about it. The main risks seem to be that baby doesn't grow too well towards the end in which case they might induce you and also a slightly higher risk of pre eclampsia. I just had my first growth scan and all was fine. I demanded a consultant appt as my midwife didn't have a clue about the low Papp a and they have said that they don't want me to go overdue and have booked me an appt at 37 weeks to make a plan.

I now just see it as you get to have extra scans and see your baby and won't have the madness of going overdue.

Seahawk80 Fri 21-Apr-17 18:56:34

Ps the low Papp a will also be part of the reason for the high risk 12 weeks results

KittyandTeal Wed 26-Apr-17 15:38:12

Papp a can be linked to iugr but the research so far has been on limited participants. As a result the NHS offers scans just to keep an eye on things as a 'just in case' scenario.

I wouldn't worry and just try to enjoy the extra scans

SarahOoo Fri 28-Apr-17 10:02:22

I had low PAPPa back in October (amongst other things and went the CVS route) we only had a routine growth scan at 37 weeks (we were at Kings) and all was fine.

My baby was born earlier this month absolutely perfect, interestingly though after reading the above I did have preeclampsia during labour (all was fine throughout the pregnancy) but this was more likely due to me not progressing in labour and ended up with a c section...although I am no expert on this.

They are looking after you with the growth scans though 😊

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