Advice please! Positive for group B strep.

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Rainbow1987 Wed 22-Mar-17 13:33:36

Hello! Please bear with me as I'm not the most articulate person and I'm quite stressed.
Last week I was sent to the hospital via midwife as I had a show and bit of bleeding, and baby 4/5 engaged (was 27+6 and have a history of pre term rupture of membranes and preterm labour) whilst there they did a swab and sent me home.
Had a call from midwife last night saying I've tested positive for group b strep. Am worrying myself silly that the reason my last 2 DC were prem is because I must have already been carrying it. My waters went at 30+5 and 32+5 in last 2 pregnancies. DS was born abroad and they told me when I had him that we both had an infection but never told me what it was, although gave us both antibiotics.
I'm already under a consultant and am having an elective c section as my last baby I had a section with T incision so is too risky to have a natural birth. They said they would give me a date at 39 weeks (!!) as it's unethical to give me any dates before this.
My concern now is if my waters break again prematurely that this will pose a risk to my child. I'm going to ask the consultant on Friday at my next appointment if they would consider maybe giving me a date at say 36 weeks just incase?
Has anyone had any experience of this?
Any advice/your stories are welcome as I'm currently making myself ill with anxiety (I was already stressed enough about possibility of another preemie before this)
Thank you!

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Rainbow1987 Thu 23-Mar-17 10:54:11

Anyone? Please?

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butterflymum Thu 23-Mar-17 11:02:06

For helpful info see

Rainbow1987 Thu 23-Mar-17 11:10:00

Thank you, I have been googling but there isn't a lot of info for parents who have already had PROM x

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AmethystRaven Thu 23-Mar-17 11:10:07

I think if your waters break they will give you antibiotics. I was found to have it after I had my DD and they just gave her the antibiotics instead and everything was fine. I'm sure your consultant will put your mind at rest but now it's been identified there shouldn't be a risk to your baby as the right mens can be given as and when needed. flowers

Rainbow1987 Thu 23-Mar-17 11:14:27

Thank you **amethyst
I will be seeing her in the morning. I think she already thinks I'm worrying for no reason. Last appt she wrote in my notes that I'm anxious about pre term labour (who wouldn't be?!) but it also irritates me that each time i go I see a different person and nobody is on the same page. At My last appt the registrar told me that I should try vbac and advises against section even though previous consultant/registrar/midwife all agreed that it would be too dangerous due to chance of uterine rupture. I just feel like they don't take my concerns seriously. X

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AmethystRaven Thu 23-Mar-17 13:59:07

Sorry you're feeling so anxious, it's perfectly understandable. Let's hope baby stays put til the right time. And I noticed my post says mens instead of meds - I hope no-one tries to administer any men if you go into labour grin


ExplodedCloud Thu 23-Mar-17 14:09:03

I tested + for Group B strep in my last pregnancy. My understanding is that the baby can pick it up travelling through the birth canal so in theory a c-section doesn't carry the same risk.
However they know you have it and that's the best defence here. They will monitor the baby accordingly.

summerholsdreamin Thu 23-Mar-17 14:16:16

I tested positive for strep B at about 25 weeks with DS.
At 39 weeks my waters broke and given the risk of infection to the baby
I was immediately hooked to ABs and induced. Not a pleasant birth but DS was fine.

With DD I was contracting before my waters went so no induction needed but again straight to hospital for ABs.

Rainbow1987 Thu 23-Mar-17 16:29:19

Thank you everyone. I think I'm just worried more with my history of waters breaking. Fingers crossed she does stay put for as long as possible. Thanks for all your replies, I will mention it tomorrow and see how it goes. X

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IncyWincySpiderOnRepeat Mon 03-Apr-17 22:43:54

I was + for strep B during the last few weeks of pregnancy. Not sure on the implications re a CS but I was told that if my waters broke I should contact the hospital immediately and tell them that my waters had gone and about the Strep B. I assume that the result of this would have been that I was admitted fairly quickly for intravenous Antibiotics and possibly induced if contractions didn't follow.

In the end my labour started a long time before my waters were eventually manually broken so it wasn't an issue. I had to have 3 lots of antibiotics intravenously, 4 hours apart each time whilst labouring. They only hook you up to the iv for the time it takes to administer them (15 mins?) and then you are free to move around again.

I stressed a lot about the strep B once it was discovered, but as long as you get the antibiotics (possibly a CS means you don't even need these?) then I think the risk of it affecting the baby in anyway is tiny.

Hope this helps.

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