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Metformin for PCOS?

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Mol5 Thu 12-Jan-17 11:16:43

Hi all,

After TTC for 12 months our recent tests have discovered that I have PCOS. I have never had any of the typical symptoms, always had regular periods and I wouldn't consider myself overweight, but after TTC for some time without ever having a positive home ovulation test I thought something might be wrong and the Dr discovered PCOS after several internal scans and blood tests.

I have now been prescribed Metformin to help with fertility. Some initial discomfort with the side effects but nothing too bad.

Has anyone used Metformin to help with ovulation with PCOS and, if so, what have been your experiences and results?

Thanks! smile
Molly x

bucketfullofwater Thu 12-Jan-17 11:38:09

I have PCOS and since I came off the pill had 2 periods in 3 years and wasn't ovulating on these. Have other symptoms like hair etc but not over weight. The consultant wouldn't give me metformin but the registrar working under her would (go figure)

I started taking 500mg twice a day and got pregnant 3 weeks after starting it so for me it's been a huge success

Pirandello24 Thu 12-Jan-17 22:14:07

I started taking metformin due to pcos as I wasn't having any periods. It worked really well, my periods came back and were regular for the first time ever. I don't take it any more as have nearly 7 month old DS grin

Seahawk80 Sun 15-Jan-17 22:29:29

I'm currently 16w pregnant, 2 months after starting metformin I was pregnant. I was also reffered for fertility treatment when I first started the metformin and a second scan of my ovaries after 6 weeks showed that the cysts were reduced smile I had to limit carbs and avoid rich food while
Taking it but it was worth it!

Elizabud Thu 02-Feb-17 11:51:47

Great success here. First try with metformin and was pregnant two months later, second try with metformin I was pregnant within a few weeks! Wish I'd had it for my first child who took 18 months to conceive! Good luck!

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