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Chromosome baby now pregnant again

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vickifaith Tue 10-Jan-17 11:51:03


Hope you are all well. I posted this in the wrong forum initially so hope this gets more replies! Hoping you can help put my mind at rest. I'm ridiculously anxious. So i am 9 weeks today and this is my second pregnancy. My first daughter is now 12 years old and was born with a rare chromosome disorder. that affects 1 in 50,000. She is perfect and thriving with support. My blood and her dads (my now ex) and we were both given the all clear of carrying any type of chromosome disorder/translocation/defect. Therefore they confirmed my daughters chromosome disorder was 'de novo' i.e just one of those things. They stated that if i was to have more children i had no higher risk than anyone else of having another child with her chromosome disorder or any others. However this doesn't stop me worrying. Me and my now partner have decided to pay private for the Panorama DNA test, as although this doesnt test for my daughters chromosome disorder, it does give accurate early results for many others. We will then make the decision whether to progress to a CVS. I had the blood drawn today and i live in the uk so i have a tense 7-10 day wait. My questions are....

Have any of you had a chromosome baby and gone onto a healthy baby? Were you told the same as me that your chance of recurrence were low? And did you opt for a cvs? Does it lower my chance of having another chromosome baby by the fact the fathers are now different? Thank you so much in advance xxxx

imjessie Fri 13-Jan-17 14:17:25

I have a typical dd and a son with a Genetic / chromosome blip ( they are known as swans ) there are quite a few of us . My sons issues are de novo so other children won't be affected but I'm not having any more .

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