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Bleeding after CVS

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Seahawk80 Fri 16-Dec-16 01:00:09

Had the most awful day today. Went for my 12 week scan at Kings and was given a 1:13 risk of downs and 1:14 of Edwards / Pattau. DH and I decided to go for CVS straight away rather than wait for harmony for many reasons but mainly the higher risks of Edwards /Pattau.

They told me spotting is normal but I feel like there is quite a lot of fresh red blood. No cramps just feel a bit sore and it's only when I wipe at the moment but have been lying down.

Has anyone else experienced this? Most people seem not to bleed afterwards. If you did did you go back to the hospital or just wait and see while you waited for the results?

Just feel like this is the worst possible end to the day from hell.

minipie Fri 16-Dec-16 01:08:05

Ah poor you. I had a similar day 4.5 years ago. No harmony back then. I didn't have bleeding after my cvs I don't think, though I remember it hurt quite a bit and I was worried because of that. Did they check for the heartbeat after the cvs? Heartbeat seen means much lower miscarriage risk I believe. Kings are really expert so I'm sure they have a very very low mc rate. Fingers crossed for you. In your shoes I would probably wait tonight and then maybe go to EPU tomorrow if still bleeding.

Seahawk80 Fri 16-Dec-16 01:21:29

Thank you. That has reassured me. They said it went well and could hear the heartbeat afterwards so hopefully it's just a bit of a bleed and it won't get worse. Such an emotional time.

SarahOoo Fri 16-Dec-16 11:47:22

I had the CVS in October at Kings too. They told me it was normal to have cramps after and some bleeding. I had cramps but no bleeding. Give them a call if you are worried, they are very nice. If you need any support with Ts then please do reply back on here. Living through the wait plus the worry of having the CVS was very hard. Make sure you rest for a couple of days or more.

SarahOoo Fri 16-Dec-16 11:47:44


Seahawk80 Fri 16-Dec-16 12:52:05

Thanks Sarah I went to the epu today and all is fine so far. Now it's just a case of waiting for the results. How long did yours take if you don't mind me asking?

SarahOoo Fri 16-Dec-16 13:19:46

I'm glad all is fine 😊. Ours was done on a Wednesday morning and we had the initial results for Down's Syndrome, Edwards & Patuas at 4.30pm on the Friday. They said it would be Monday or Tuesday though. Do you know what markers they gave you that meant the risk factor was higher? Ours were bloods and the NT measurement. We came back all clear though and had an extra heart scan at 20 weeks which was also clear.

Seahawk80 Fri 16-Dec-16 13:30:26

Thanks, that's really helpful. They said 3-5 days yesterday so hopefully Monday. Mine was the same, the bloods and the nt. they have said the baby seems totally fine from the scans so that is one good thing. I was meant to be going away this weekend but decided a 3 hour drive isn't a good idea so just resting at home. I'm hoping I'm one of the many people who seem to get false positives but then I start to worry again. I'm glad I had the cvs as at least it will minimise waiting and give an answer. Thanks for your support

SarahOoo Sat 17-Dec-16 10:24:13

I was the same actually, had a trip to Bournemouth which I still went to but I don't think I should have.

I hope you hear on Monday if you haven't already. What were your bloods and NT? There are many different stories on the chats, both with good screenings that did result in a chromosomal issue and others with high risk screenings that were fine. The CVS result is a diagnostic result too so you will know one way or the other. Hope you are doing ok today, try to stay level headed of you can, I mostly did which helped me get through.

Seahawk80 Sat 17-Dec-16 10:45:49

Thank you so much. We're actually still going away today but getting the train so I still get some time away which I think will be good but without the stress of the drive. Rested all day yesterday and feel much better.

Monday is actually my birthday so it could be great to hear or awful, but I'd still rather just know. I've read lots of other people's stories and it has reassured me that we have a good chance of a good result but ultimately I know we just have to wait and no amount of googling will give me an answer!

I'm staying quite positive, a few people on the ante natal thread I am on were told this week that their pregnancies weren't viable, I'm sure that if that had been me I'd have swapped places with someone with a 12/13 chance of it being fine in a second.

We used yesterday to have a good chat about everything and discuss things like if it is bad news will we find out the sex (luckily we are both on the same page and wouldn't want to know). Now I'm trying to put it out of my mind and have a lovely weekend with my family so am managing to stay quite level headed. There is limited signal in Norfolk so that will keep me off google!

Thanks for your replies, I will let you know once we hear.

Seahawk80 Tue 20-Dec-16 17:15:29

Just got the results, I actually called them at 4 and they had them, maybe they leave the good results til the end of the day as hey are quicker calls. All fine, the relief is incredible. Bleeding has totally stopped too.

Thanks so much for replying to me and reassuring me. I also have to have the extra heart scan but I think that is quite standard.

SarahOoo Tue 20-Dec-16 17:35:41

I'm so very pleased for you @seahawk80.

Yes the heart scan does seem very standard, they do that first at the 20 week scan. Did you find out the sex too?

Seahawk80 Tue 20-Dec-16 17:48:09

No -
She nearly told me but we always said we don't want to know. I did change my mind last week but I think I just wanted some control back!

Seahawk80 Tue 20-Dec-16 17:48:21

And thank you!

SarahOoo Tue 20-Dec-16 20:19:30

Ooh that was close then! I'm far too impatient so it was lovely for us to find out hehe.

When it does come to the anomaly scan and heart scan remain as level headed as you can, it really helped up 😊 Xx

Seahawk80 Tue 20-Dec-16 20:49:50

Thanks, I'm quite chilled about it. We have a detailed scan booked at FMC on Thursday as part of the harmony so that will help to reassure us I'm sure xx

SarahOoo Tue 20-Dec-16 21:06:37

I'm sure it will, best of luck for your pregnancy & little one xx

Seahawk80 Tue 20-Dec-16 21:27:28

Thanks - you too!

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