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Femur length concerns after growth scan

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Blossominspring Wed 23-Nov-16 09:57:11

Posted this in Pregnancy too as I wasn't quite sure where was best!

I'm nearly 36 weeks pregnant with DS2 and have been having regular growth scans throughout my pregnancy and all has been fine with baby growing steadily on the 50th centile for everything. However, yesterday's scan showed that his femur growth had slowed right down and was now on the 5th centile whilst head and abdomen were still around 50th. Doctor didn't seem too concerned and I'm having a doppler/fluid check on Monday and another growth scan in a fortnight. But I can't help but worry and wondered if anyone else had any similar experiences they could share with me? Thanks so much!

EleanorRigby123 Wed 23-Nov-16 10:04:32

Must be very worrying flowers. But if the doctor is not too concerned I would try to relax. I had something similar with one of my DC - measurements had been fine throughout the pregnancy then around week 36 they suggested she already weighed over 7kilos. Big panic and tests for diabetes etc - but she was born fine weighing 3.5kilos. I just don't think these things are that accurate.
Hope all goes well with the birth smile

Blossominspring Wed 23-Nov-16 10:13:39

Thanks EleanorRigby x

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