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Really odd 12 week bloods.

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Bumblebee84 Sat 29-Oct-16 12:34:51

Hi, I'm very new to this so sorry for if this is wrong.
This is my 5th pregnancy 4 beautiful healthy children already.
I am 32 and have been given a 1:11 chance of tris 21. The other results are low risk.
My scan showed no concerns normal nt of 2.3 at 12+4, my bloods however were crazy!
My b free hcg was 6, and my Papp a were 0.07.
I have always had small babies, and I'm so confused and terrified.
I'm waiting in the Iona test results but am going out of my mind.
Anyone else had such crazy bloods?

SarahOoo Sun 30-Oct-16 09:29:37

My bloods and my NT gave a risk of 1:85 so we had the CVS. I know of some other ladies on here who have had similar bloods to yours so do a search and hopefully those threads will come up. My bloods were half of what they should be for HCGfree and PAPPa. When do you get your Iona NIPT test results? The waiting Was hard but I found I could be level headed in the end after me and my husband just really talked about it and decided no decisions would be made until we knew the results. Talking with my mum helped too, we didn't talk about it in any particular way but not bottling it up was a good move for me. Our results from the CVS came back clear (was only early October) both for the initial results and the full. The CVS is invasive though so I have had extra worry too.

Bumblebee84 Sun 30-Oct-16 17:01:21

Hiya, thank you. I'm really pleased you got good results.
I get the results on Thursday, it's going so slow. I couldn't do invasive as I was terrified I'd be the 1.% that would mc. I'm finding myself so short tempered with my children, i have talked to my partner and we have made a decision on the outcome.
I will search the other people on here, thank you.

KittyandTeal Sun 30-Oct-16 17:05:26

One of the soft markers for T21 is high hcg and low Papp a. I guess that's why your risk has come back as high.

The waiting is awful. Have you spoken to ARC? They are brilliant and sometimes it's good to just speak to someone who understands while you wait.

I had a tfmr at 22 weeks so I understand how devestating bad news can be. 💐

Bumblebee84 Sun 30-Oct-16 18:53:43

I wish I hadn't agreed to the tests.
My second daughter come back at high risk of t21 the test was different then, she's a perfectly healthy 13 year old. She was only 5lb full term though.
My eldest was 6lb and my last two although good weights were weighed several times as were so small.
Part of me is very sure it's just how my body does pregnancy. However I've never had the blood results in such detail.

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