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natb88 Wed 12-Oct-16 14:09:30

Hi All,

I am 13+1 with second baby and had a phone call today saying I have a 1 in 140 risk of the baby having downs syndrome. NT measurement was 2.5mm (which apparently is normal) and I'm only 28 (not a smoker) so it must be something they have found in my blood which is putting this risk factor out. Does anyone with a bit more know how know what this could be?

Anyway, I am going to decline invasive testing as the risk of miscarriage is higher than the chance of the baby having downs syndrome, so it doesn't make sense to me to have it. I am looking into paying privately for a DNA screening test (The Serenity Test, to be precise), does anyone have any experience of whether this is worth paying for? I know if i do nothing that I will just worry, but 1 in 140 doesn't seem 'high risk' to me, even though the NHS class it as being!

Thanks smile


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SarahMOs Wed 12-Oct-16 17:07:58

Hi Natalie,

I just went through this last week but ours was at the Harris Birthright Centre at Kings College so had my bloods back straight away. Our NT was 3.4mm and my PAPPa and HCG free were on the low side. This took my risk from being 1:480 (based on age I think) to 1:85. We chose the CVS quite quickly as, really, we were just so scared I wanted to know and the odds were the other way for us.

You can have the NIPT (Harmony test) if you wish. It is non invasive and our centre did that anyway with no charge but not sure what others would do. It is still a screening test (whereas the CVS results are diagnostic) but the stats are very high for accuracy.

What I have learnt in this scary last week is its all a matter of statistics. Our results were clear for T21, T13 & T18 and we will get the full results in a few more days. The risk of miscarriage has played heavy on my mind this past week though even with it being just less than 1%.

The NIPT test takes a little longer but with your 'stats' being as they are it may be a more peace of mind decision than the CVS or the amnio.

Our little baby girl (yes you can find this out this early as they do a full chromosome analysis) may have heart defects and so we have an extra scan for 20 weeks for that.

zambean Thu 13-Oct-16 11:43:15

I had the Serenity test the day after I got the call from the hospital telling me I was high risk. Best £500 quid I've ever spent. If you can afford it, do it ASAP. Don't waste any more time. The sooner the results come back, the sooner you can get back to relaxing and enjoying your pregnancy.

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