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How did you decide between Panorama, Harmony or SAFE NIPT tests?

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RobberBride Sun 09-Oct-16 12:55:19

Just that really. In my local area they only offer the Harmony test, but I can travel to London if necessary. This indicates that SAFE is the one to go for, but it seems to be the hardest test to find: Any advice or experiences would be really helpful, thanks in advance.

Surprisebump Mon 14-Nov-16 23:31:39

I'm 38 and unexpectantly got pregnant. I lived abroad for 10 years and there NIPT is normal for over 35's.

I took I the harmony test at 11 weeks 2 days. 5 working days later I was told there was no result due to low fetal fraction DNA (3.5%) with no explanation as to why this could be only that it wasn't common as only 2% of people get no result. Naturally I was upset, stressed and worried. They said they'd test the 2nd sample they took and I must wait another 5-7 working days. I waited 7 days to be told again not enough DNA.

I then had another blood sample drawn (2 tubes). Another 7 days later I was told there was no result but this time due to the quality of the blood and they'd retest the 2nd tube and another 5 working days later I was told there's no result. I was in tears.

During this time I got a low risk result (1 in 6000) from the combined test. Yet this didn't put my mind at ease as I know it's not as accurate but I really wanted to avoid an amnio.

I received a refund of my harmony test but what I really wanted was a result. All the waiting and stress and upset in between test results was painful. Having said this I've friends who got a result first time with Harmony.

I decided to do the Iona / Safe NIPT as a last attempt. I told the provider I had 4 inconclusive / no results with the Harmony test. They said that the testing process is different and less DNA fraction. I waited 7 working days as they had a problem in the lab (yes how lucky can you be) however they gave me a low risk result ( 1 in 50,000 for all 3) with the first blood sample which was taken just 2 days after the 2nd Harmony test blood draw so wouldn't of been much difference in the DNA levels. Luckily they still had my blood sample from the combined test. I paid £300 for this test. It wasn't refundable if no result unlike the Harmony yet by this point I wasn't considering too much the money.

I've just had my 20 week scan and he's very active and everything looks okay but I was told 50% of babies with Downs have normal scans so whilst it's a very good sign it's not a guarantee. I can't say that I'm 100% relaxed because of those Harmony tests. latest stats say 13.8% of mothers with no result go on to have babies with chromosome abnormalities so that's in the back of my mind however the combined test and Iona /Safe test gave a low risk result so I'm trying to focus on that.

I'm someone with a few auto-immune conditions. I wonder if that had any influence on the inconclusive results. Basically there's not enough research available yet so there's little understanding. Yet I'm in the unlucky 2% so I'm sure you and others reading this will be fine but from my experience I wish I had never taken the Harmony test and only the Iona as I would of avoided a lot of stress and upset and have no lingering doubt throughout the rest of my pregnancy.

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