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Test Confusion - Please help.

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Silvamoon Thu 06-Oct-16 15:22:10

I'm coming up to my 12 week scan and have to decide if I want the screen tests done.

I always thought I would bye hen I also never thought I would get pregnant. This is my little miracle baby and since finding out I have become a paranoid mess, to the extreme of not wanting to leave the house among other things. There's a lot of extra stresses my end, partner not wanting it, grieving my recently passed away mum, having to stop work early etc etc. I feel like I can handle anything, except not having this little one.

From what I have read the test don't give me a yes or no, so for me what is the point. I'm 29, fit and healthy (excluding the fact they thought I was infertile) I should be low risk. I know the first test carry no risks but if they show something (that could be nothing) the next test carry a risk, which I just couldn't do. I'm then left with another 6 months of extra panic on top of my current state of TOTALLY FREAKING OUT.

Had anyone else not bothered with them?

Even after the risky tests you still don't know for sure... And I could never get rid of this little human growing in my tummy. Even at its current prune size it the only joy in my life.

sianihedgehog Thu 06-Oct-16 15:30:51

What the tests tell you depends on which tests you have, so first things first I would suggest that you research the different types of tests and find out which ones you are being offered. There is now a blood test available which carries no risks but is about as accurate as the amnio, but it is only offered in some areas, I think.

I would always choose to accept the non risky tests because they can allow you to have a much safer delivery if your child does have a disability, and for your pregnancy and newborn to be made safer. Children with Downs syndrome frequently need special care at birth, and having the hospital prepared for that is much safer for your baby.

You are most likely to be told that your risk is very low, and this might make it easier for you to enjoy your pregnancy.

Some people feel that they would rather not know, because they would just worry more, but I honestly think it makes sense to put your baby first and make sure they get the best care even before birth.

Helbelle75 Thu 06-Oct-16 15:35:02

Congratulations, I bet you're over the moon.
We opted not to have the Downs test, because I'm 41 and more than likely will be high risk anyway and I wouldn't have the amnio test. And like you, this baby is very much wanted.
Do whatever feels right for you.

zambean Thu 06-Oct-16 19:50:45

Having just been through the hell of a high risk result which turned out to be ok, my advice would be: if you can find the £500, go private and get NIPT done, then skip the NHS screening. The NHS screening causes a lot of unnecessary stress and upset, when the NIPT can give you an answer with almost complete certainty.

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