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CMV primary infection in pregnancy

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farranx123 Thu 15-Sep-16 10:00:54


I have found it hard to come across posts regarding CMV. At my 20 week scan they found that our baby had slightly echogenic bowel and did some viral blood tests. 2 weeks later we went back for another fetal medicine scan and it turns out that i tested positive for CMV, suggestive that it is a primary infection caught between 6-8 weeks of my pregnancy. I feel so unlucky that i may have caught it at this time as i have read it is the most dangerous and high risk time to catch the infection for the baby. I am trying to stay positive but am finding it quite hard most of the time as alot of the outcomes i have read from people are worrying.

I have come across experimental trials to HIG Hyperimmunoglobin treatment to prevent symptons in the unborn baby, i was wondering if anybody else has heard of this? And how i would go about getting this?

Thank you in advance for advice/insight into this

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birdling Wed 26-Oct-16 17:26:17

Very sorry, no idea, but bumping this for you in the hope that someone who knows might come along. flowers

beepbeeprichie Sun 06-Nov-16 20:00:02

I don't have first hand experience of this, and therefore my understanding may be wrong but I believe that there isn't anything to be lost by the treatment- you'd be sitting on a drip in hospital for a few hours a couple of times. I don't think anyone knows the success rate in terms of preventing (further) damage to the baby, or indeed what the impact may be on the mother. But if it was me it would be worth a go. Have you contacted cmv action to talk to them? I'm sure they know a lot more than me. The good news is that you know this is coming and when baby is born there is a course of drugs available that can be started straight away which can prevent (further) hearing loss (if of course that is an issue). My understanding is that the vast majority of babies are absolutely fine with no issues and I hope that's the case for you, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared. Given how common the virus is however, it is shocking we are not better educated about it in the UK. Good luck OP- please speak to cmv action as I'm not the best informed and just trying to respond as best as I can x

beepbeeprichie Sun 06-Nov-16 20:01:27

In terms of getting the treatment- since that was your question (sorry!)- definitely speak to your consultant. I'm sure this is available on the NHS but that may be a postcode lottery I suppose. Good luck.

LHReturns Thu 10-Nov-16 18:38:16

Farranx, I see you posted this in September - may I ask how things have developed since then?

CherryChasingDotMuncher Mon 14-Nov-16 21:52:56

I was coming on to say that I was tested last week for CMV after finding a white spot on the scan on my baby's liver. They thought it was nothing to worry about but tested for CMV anyway. My GP has left a voicemail tonight to ask to call him in the morning to discuss the results of my blood tests. I'm it hopeful and I'm terrified that my baby will be poorly. OP how did you get on?

Elizabud Fri 09-Dec-16 19:50:21

Cherrychasingdotmuncher, how did you get on? I have just had the very same result
from my 20 week scan. A white spot on the liver. Am worried sick and just waiting for my next appointment to see the fetal medicine consultant.

DirtyDancing Tue 31-Jan-17 21:02:58

My friend runs the charity CMV action. They have a very informative website and are also on Facebook. They can provide you with support and information:

stephi81 Thu 03-Oct-19 07:19:59

@Elizabud @CherryChasingDotMuncher

I have also had multiple echogenic spots and calcifications show up on my baby's scan at 32 weeks. Please could you let me how you got on? I am terrified sad thanks

Elizabud Thu 03-Oct-19 18:38:37

stephi81 there was absolutely nothing wrong with my daughter. We were scanned often until we had her and nothing changed at all. We were so scared and ended up having her by elective c section at 37 weeks. When she came out she had a bulge on one side of her tummy which the paed checked over and didn’t think there was anything to worry about. She then did the biggest meconium poo the world had even seen. Our consultant, who was about 40 years into his job, said that these days scans can be a curse as much as a help as they show things that sometimes we don’t need to see. So we think that her echogenic bowel was meconium.

I know how distressing it is to be told there’s something wrong on the scan but try not to get too worried. Get all the bloods and tests done to help rule out as much as possible and try to think positively - it will help baby so much. Take care of yourself and let me know if you need any more info. Xxx

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