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Lynds4y Sun 31-Jul-16 15:29:12

I have my first scan a week tomorrow (eek!) but just wondered if you can have two people come with? Obviously my OH will be coming but my mum has asked and would love to too. Just wondered if any of you have been allowed two or if one had been turned down etc 😊

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MadameJosephine Sun 31-Jul-16 15:32:55

Policies are different at different hospitals, where I work we only allow 1 person but other local hospitals allow 2. The best thing to do is to ask you midwife or telephone the antenatal clinic to check their policy

Cyclewidow46 Wed 24-Aug-16 00:15:13

You should phone the hospital where you are having the scan. The hospital where I work only allow one accompanying adult.

Sophsmith86 Wed 31-Aug-16 16:58:41

Anyone see the nasal bone on this.. 12 weeks 6 days

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