Cystic structure in brain - can't stop crying long enough to think straight!

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Baffy Fri 15-Jul-16 09:41:58

All great so far through pregnancy but at 20 week scan yesterday the sonogropher found a 'cystic structure' 13mmx10mm in the baby's brain.

We have to wait until next week for another scan with the specialist and in the meantime we're left in limbo with no idea what this may mean.

Everything else has been great so far and all screening tests came back low risk.

Almost 40 now and this little one is much wanted - feel like it's our last chance and its slipping away in front of us.

I know MN can't give me a diagnosis, but wondering if anyone out there has any positive similar stories?? Got to pull myself together for the sake of our dc but really struggling.

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KittyandTeal Fri 15-Jul-16 18:06:29

I don't have any experience but my dd2 was diagnosed with T18. One of her soft markers were cysts on her brain.

However, they did say to me on their own they wouldn't be too worried, apparently lots of babies have cysts on their brains that totally disappear by birth (same with holes in the heart) but it's when it's seen in conjunction with other markers it can become a worry.

I'm sure they just want to check it all out.

I do know how horrid it is to be given worrying results. Have you contacted arc? They are lovely people to talk to and may well have some experience with positive endings to share with you.

Baffy Sat 16-Jul-16 17:31:36

Thanks very much Kitty. Really appreciate your post.
Not heard of arc but will definitely look into it x

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Pinkgeek Sat 16-Jul-16 17:40:31

Not sure if this is the same but when my sister was pregnant they saw water on his brain. Was very worrying but it was all fine in the end. Better to check early and be thorough though.
Best wishes to you and your little one flowers

Bumply Sat 16-Jul-16 17:53:42

Ds1 showed cysts in an early scan.
They said on their own they were unlikely to indicate anything untoward, but he had loads of extra scans to check their progress - more for the Doctors research to know more about them. They disappeared of their own accord later on, and after birth when they wanted to scan his kidneys because something else was a possibility of him only having 1 I wasn't bothered as they'd surely have spotted that during the additional scans. He's 18 and off to uni in September

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