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cmv testing and termination advice

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ocdopus Wed 22-Jun-16 22:46:10

I found out some time ago that I wasn't immune to cmv which is rare for my age group and as we weren't TTC and I have an anxiety disorder (a form of OCD) I made a decision perhaps stupidly to try to contract it by not taking the precautions recommended if you are TTC or pregnant and even drank out of cups that had been used by other children after they left ours after playdates so I think there's some chance I could have contracted it, especially as I'm now mildly unwell.

DH then recently said we should just let nature take its course as it took ages to fall pregnant first time round, I might not have caught it and may never catch it considering I didn't my whole life yet and were not getting any younger

I was rediculously unwell in my first pregnancy with my OCD and I don't think I would cope very well if the uncertainty if I was experiencing a primary infection in a pregnancy. I told DH I think I would want to test and terminate early if I sadly fell pregnant and tested positive

I suspect I may be pregnant but haven't yet got a bfp just some symptoms I remember from last time niggling at me.

Does anyone know if the new non invasive tests can detect CMV?

If the worst happened, what's the latest you can have a termination without it being a horrific experience? I believe it can take up to 10 weeks from contracting cmv for it to show up on a test so I was thinking I could test right away of a positive test and then once more if it was negative for reassurance at about 12 weeks? After I think I wouldn't test again as would have made the decision whatever will be will be and hope for the best while taking every precaution

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