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So scared about my CVS results 😥

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user1465988480 Sat 18-Jun-16 16:26:33

I had my CVS test two days ago and the wait for my results is killing me it's so hard im so anxious, upset, worried and stress it's rocked my whole world! I went to my first scan and the NT come back as 4.4mm but the rest of the baby's body organs and heart whew fine.. Please if anyone has any positive story it would be nice to hear them! Thank you

suesue89 Sat 18-Jun-16 16:35:15

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KittyandTeal Sat 18-Jun-16 16:38:56

Wtaf suesue?

I don't have a positive story but I just wanted to offer you support as I know how hard the waiting time is.

Have you contacted arc? They are brilliant. When will your rapid results be back?

Good anatomy and organs is a good sign. Try to take things easy while you're waiting. Tbh it was one of the hardest parts for me, and I got very bad news with the results

hopeful31yrs Tue 21-Jun-16 23:04:33

I had a NT of 4.2mm 7 weeks ago. No soft markers but went for the nifty test as we couldn't have amino for 2 weeks afterwards. All fine - awaiting anomaly scan next week and at 24 weeks for further testing. It's a horrible wait but most people I read about had a good outcome xxx

GirlWithAPearlNecklace Sat 25-Jun-16 14:21:56

I have a positive story.
My daughter is 2 and has Down's.
She is awesome. I've never met a child with Down's who isn't. Shes clever, bright, intelligent and funny. She loves life and everyone in it.
First and foremost she's a child. To me and hwt family, that's all she is.
You don't need anything special to do this. You just need to be a parent.
She was born with a heart issue, Great Ormond Street fixed it. Shes as strong as an ox and as mighty as a lion.
It's scary. God is it scary when you are pregnant and someone drops a bombshell, but the first time you see that tiny baby face and hold those tiny baby hands, there's just love.

Jodie242 Sun 26-Jun-16 09:10:11

Did you get your results yet OP? X

Oliviaerinpope Sun 26-Jun-16 09:12:16

Thinking of you OP.

Suzanne7934 Sun 07-Aug-16 18:37:04

Hi I sorry for jumping in on an old post not sure where else to post, I too received a phone call from midwife last Monday informing us that due to blood test and Nt scan and my age 36 we have a 1-5 chance our baby will be affected by Down's syndrome the news came as a shock the scan showed no abnormalities except the high NT, my Hcg 4.02 papp-A 0.58 and NT 3.4, we opted for the harmony test on Tuesday then changed our minds and had the Cvs on Thursday, I was also told that my thyroid levels were out, I suffer from hypothyroidism normally and my bloods sit at around 2 which is good but was told they were way out at 10.4, then told this wouldn't affected my Hcg levels, such a whirlwind of information our world seems to have just stopped with the waiting, we will continue with the pregnancy regardless as we tried for this baby for a long time we will love it just the same, but it is so worrying not knowing what is coming next, we were told the cvs results would be in Friday but were then told the sample wasn't big enough and the sample need to be left to grow over the weekend and we should know by 4.30pm Monday, I thought I would post 1. to offer support to others going through the same and 2 to ask if anyone has also went through something similar I am 14 weeks today, thanks for reading

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