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High nuchal translucency at my 12 week scan 😥

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user1465988480 Wed 15-Jun-16 12:10:00

Hi everyone I'm new on here and looking for support advice and just other people stories! I went for my 12 week scan yesterday 12+3, it was going well lovely to see the baby moving and it's heartbeat, but then we was told the NT test was higher than normal coming in at 4.4mm, I feel like my whole world has changed I was taking into a quiet room and spoken to be a midwife, I was then given another scan by a doctor which felt like it took forever as I was crying the whole time, anyway that scan came back as the baby body, organs and heart look perfectly fine it's the nuchal translucency on the baby's neck that is causing a problem. I've got to go back in two days time for amino then I'll have to wait another two days to get the results from that. I'm really not coping very well with this at all the stress and worry is unreal I have a healthy little boy already I just can't understand it I'm only young myself.. Has anyone been in this situation? Or has any advise me for? 😢😢

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