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referred to fetal cardiologist

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Fizzyboo Tue 19-Apr-16 11:29:12

Hi all.
I had my 20 week anomaly scan and was told all well, just couldn't get a heart measurement due to fetal position so was rebooked a few weeks later.
Had that on Friday and was told that she couldn't find the 4th vessel, could be fetal position again so was booked in for a consultant scan for Monday.
Had that yesterday and again, she had problems.
The consultant said she did see the vessels but on the 3 vessel view they seemed further apart than they should be. She said the 4 chamber view looked fine (although in her report she notes slight hypertrophy in one chamber) and questions pulmonary stenosis. She says it could still be positioning or normal parameters but she can't be sure.
I'm being seen tomorrow by a fetal cardiologist but I'm going out of my mind with worry after I stupidly consulted Dr Google in the middle of the night.
Has anyone had anything similar? I'm so terrified x

SunnyScot89 Tue 19-Apr-16 13:24:42

No experience of this but please don't worry. They are likely to be over cautious and it is good that you're getting seen so soon. Step away from google and wait to see what the consultant says.
brew for you. Let me know how you get on.

KittyandTeal Tue 19-Apr-16 13:45:36

I don't have experience of heart issues specifically in pregnancy.

Have you tried arc? They're great for antenatal test, they'll have someone that has been in a similar situation who can talk/email you with better advice than dr Google!

I'm sorry you're having such a worrying time 💐

mrschatty Wed 20-Apr-16 17:05:12

Hello alot of experience of this!! waves

We too were referred to fetal cardiologist at 20w scan as my (now 3mo dd) deemed to have one small chamber
We then seen an amazing fetal cardiologist at St Marys manchester who we continued to see fortnightly until I was around 32 weeks.
As time went on we seemed to have more and more (upsetting) news. I became very good at reading scans let's put it that way. At one of the scans I could see my dd had a hole in the heart before they told me and I was right.
What happened next was I went from being low risk midwife lead (25yo very healthy had planned a water birth no intervention etc...) to high risk consultant lead
After 32 w they didn't scan me anymore just said that when baby arrives they would go to neonatal intensive care and get a scan and get a better pic of what's going on.
She was born at 38w after a quick labour with special Dr's and nurses in the room for delivery ready with the resus bed just incase (wasn't needed)
She was taken ti NICU where they found she had the following
Small chamber caused by excess muscle on right side of heart
3x holes one which Is considerably large and will not close on its own
Pulmonary stenosis
Faulty valve

She was discharged from hospital 10 hours after birth as they were happy for her ti go home (but I had retained placenta so we were in for 6 days that's a different thread wink)

She has her oxygen levels checked at home 2x a week by community nurse team. At 6w old her oxygen was very low (52) normal is 99-100 and was rushed to manchester children's hosp
Here we stayed in for a week while they looked into surgery options with Alder Hey. She responded well to medicine (propanolol) and so we were discharged
She is now 15 weeks old
We still get checked 2x a week for oxygen and see our cardiologist monthly and our cardiology nurse maybe 2x a month
My baby girl needs open heart surgery to have a full repair. Found out today that as she is doing so well,is stable and growing...they are holding off on planning surgery until she is a bit bigger and stronger.
Her condition is serious but she is perfect.
I have ALOT of experience here. And can hopefully help you or just be a listening ear.
If your interested I can give you my details so you can email/facebook me flowers
If it does turn out your baby needs a bit extra support you find a strength from somewhere.... I never thought I'd be able to handle what's been thrown at me! But we're here and smiling!

mrschatty Wed 20-Apr-16 17:09:38

Sorry that was so long but wanted you to know whatever the outcome of today's scan your not alone!!!!

Fizzyboo Wed 20-Apr-16 18:40:18

Oh thanks for the support all three of you, and thank you chatty, I felt so overwhelmed when I posted this and your positive post really helped me, thank you!
Sounds like you've got a real tough cookie there star must take after her mum!
I was very lucky and saw the fetal cardiologist this morning, wow are they amazing or what!
After two long scans they told me that it was not pulmonary stenosis, but my little ones aortic arch, instead of going to the left and down, goes to the right and down, posing in itself no real issue. Having it go to the other side can cause some of the little branches off of the main aortic arch to get confused, not get the memo if you like, that it decided to go the other way, and can try and head back to the left side, which can end up going round the trachea, which would cause a problem.
I go back in 8 weeks to see if this is or is not happening, and if it is, she said an op can be done to move it away a few weeks or even months after the birth.
Thank you so much again xxxx

MadeinBelfast Wed 20-Apr-16 18:51:37

Glad you got more information. The idea of a heart problem is scary but they can do so much to help these days that even quite serious heart issues can be dealt with. I had a few extra scans during both my pregnancies to check for heart issues, it's amazing what they can see in such a tiny organ! Good luck for your next scan.

mrschatty Wed 20-Apr-16 18:59:26

Great news fizzy!!! Like Belfast said it's amazing wgat they do now!!! Xx

Fizzyboo Wed 20-Apr-16 19:48:40

It really is isn't it! Also, likewise, if ever you wanna talk about what you're going through too, you've always an ear here too smile

whiteychappers Tue 10-May-16 16:30:55

Just wanted to say, my brother had a open heart surgery as a tiny baby for hole in his heart. He celebrates his 40th birthday tomorrow and that was with 1970's heart surgery.

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