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Riverblue Thu 07-Jan-16 09:16:16

Hi I have just had results from my glucose test - this is the first one where I didn't have to fast just drink lucozade and have a blood test an hour later. It says on the letter that the margins are 3.5-7.8 and mine are 10.3!!!! They have called me back for the more advanced test but the problem is I am away for 5 weeks!! My mum rung the midwife and she said it's fine to have the test when I come back and just to cut down on chocolate but I am really panicking :-( I have cut out sweet things but am terrified I will have GD and a huge baby :-(

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minipie Thu 07-Jan-16 22:55:15

Hmm GD is not as simple as just cutting down on sweet stuff. And the risks aren't just having a huge baby. You do need to get a proper diagnosis and if you do have GD, get the right diet advice, blood sugar monitoring, medication if necessary.

Are you away in the UK - could you arrange to take the more advanced test at a hospital near where you are staying?

flowerpower10 Thu 19-May-16 19:33:14

I have gestational diabetes I have gained 5 pounds of weight in 30 weeks
I had the test fasting blood and after high sugar drink
and I just test my sugar levels 6 times a day to keep them in a good range it can be controlled by diet
Eat more protein complex carbohydrates
My baby is below average in size and try not to worry about it just try to keep to a balanced diet until you see the docs again

somelikeitmild Thu 19-May-16 20:00:31

You could google the GD diet and follow it until you do another test. It's relatively straightforward, though a few things shouldn't be eaten together, and really it's just Healthy Eating. I was diagnosed at 26 weeks (now 38) and have managed to stay within the limits (more or less) through diet alone but I'm bloody sick of it!! Can't eat a normal breakfast anymore because milk has lactose, a sugar, and breakfast cereals are almost all carb so that's annoying. On the plus side I've gained 3kg in total!

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