Nightmare few weeks

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Sarah2302 Thu 31-Dec-15 17:18:34

This is my first pregnancy and it is not exactly going as I planned, it's been a total rollarcoaster of a ride. Firstly three days after we get the positive pregnancy test my father-in-law passes away. I have had my first scan and the Down's test, which I thought would be no problem. although it came back low risk it was still 1:170 because I had 4.8 x Mom hcg levels for which they refered me to the IUGR clinic to keep an eye on the growth, they said they were not worried about Down's as the neck measurment was 1.4mm. Then Yesterday I get a call 5 weeks after getting the results to say they have messed up my results, they had me down as a smoker and I'm not so they adjusted my risk which put me into the high risk cat at 1:115. I'm now 17 weeks and they gave me 2 options, the amnio test, which I don't want because of the risk and the Harmony test which I would need to pay for, I took the test yesterday right away! I'm very upset that I'm so much more gone then I should have been if I had the high risk result the first time and now j have to wait for these results and it's terrifying.

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minipie Fri 01-Jan-16 20:07:23

It's not great that they messed up and delayed things, but try to be calm as the chances are on your side honestly. 1:117 is still very low - works out to a 0.85% chance of downs or a 99.15 % chance of not downs. They call it "high risk" but that name is misleading really, at your odds it's still a very very small risk. The wait is horrible I know. I hope all works out, very likely it will.

Sarah2302 Fri 01-Jan-16 20:47:11

Thanks for your positivity, I am trying to be positive it's just been very stressful. I wish I never did the Down's test now but my partner was adamant. But then again if I didn't they wouldn't have picked up the high hcg levels!

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